Friday, January 14, 2011

Nicole by OPI Scandal, Secrets and Sparkle

Nicole by OPI Scandal, Secrets and Sparkle
I didn't think this would be so opaque so I originally layered it over OCC Souse, a warm, pale pink-nude shade. Turns out... it was pretty opaque. Silver shimmer with larger silver glitter. It kind of reminds me of Zoya Luna but I haven't compared the two side-by-side. Reminds me of papier-mache, except shiny and pretty.

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KarenD said...

Interesting; I would have expected that to be sheer as well.

Sia said...

Love! x

Zara said...

Wow, I'm surprised it's opaque! Unfortunately, that means I'm lemming it now... :)

Lucy said...

This does remind me of Luna. Pretty on you.

Rochelle said...

Love that, very eyecatching and fun! I am loving some of the metallics and glitters out there. I've been bloggin metallics with stamp designs on them, the contrast of the opaque and metallic is always very fun!
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Honey_lili said...

Hello !

My sister and I have just started our own blog and I have add yours to our blog roll. I hope it ok ;)

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Have a nice week-end

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