Friday, February 25, 2011

China Glaze Knotty & Pelican Gray (Anchors Away, Spring 2011)

Goodness gracious. What is happening? I'm starting to love the neutrals while K2K is starting to get comfy with more atypical nail polish shades. Pigs flying. All over.

China Glaze Knotty

This has to be one of my favorite neutrals (though it does lean a little more gold). A glass-flecked pale camel color that has just a bit of jellyish squish. Easy breezy application though it did need three coats (and probably could have used a fourth to get rid of VNL). This was taken on... fourth day of wear, I think? Still flawless. And because its such a neutral shade, the chips wouldn't be glaringly obvious anyway.

China Glaze Pelican Grey

This light grey with pearly white shimmer seems to pull more blue on me than on others. I don't wear this shade of grey very well -- it usually makes my hands look washed out -- but this one was saved by the fine shimmer. It looks more like a creme indoors but once you get it in the light, it's very much a shimmer. Fabulous application: the above is two coats.

(These polishes were sent to me by China Glaze.)

Psst! This is post #995. Only five more til ONE THOUSAND posts on Polish or Perish! :D

(No idea who'll actually be the one to post the thousandth post. I'm pretty sure that all of us will just forget about it and only remember at, like, post #1,012 or something like that.)

ALSO: Please note that the Inque Contest deadline is now just a few short days away!

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Lucy said...

Love Pelican Grey. I don't care for Knotty. I don't mind neutrals but I just don't like this shade. Glad you like it.

Rosie said...

After getting Zoya Dove I didn't think that I had any room for Pelican Grey in my collection - but after seeing it here, Pelican Grey has so much more shimmer than I thought. They're different enough to justify getting both right? right?!? ;)

lulu said...

I picked up Pelican Grey yesterday and I can't wait to try it! How this PG compare to Zoya Dove? Just curious... can't buy Zoya in my area (sad face)
I just realized I've been wearing a LOT of greys and taupes this winter! LOL wonder if it's the dull weather outside...

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