Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Done Out In Deco Dilemma

I wanted a little pop of colour in the cold weather, and decided on OPI Done Out In Deco. On other people's swatches, it looked like the perfect winter purple - dusty, vivid but not too bright, and cool toned - a not-quite-lavender. I hunted it down and....was disappointed!

On my hands it looks totally different than other online swatches - heck, it looks like Do You Lilac It! (Which no, it isn't.) I was expecting something dustier and bluer and more...wintery. To be honest, looking at the picture, it looks pretty! But it wasn't what I was hoping for. My dilemma - keep it and love it for what it is, or keep trying to find the colour in my head. Maybe both?

Do you have Done Out in Deco? What does it look like on you?


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Honey_lili said...

I have to say it's pretty on you. I don't own this one but I have OPI - A Grape Fit! and I wonder how close they are. I love your swatches, thanks ! ;)

Stephanie said...

I have Done Out in Deco and I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it looks like on me. I'd say if it's not your jam get rid of it to make room for something that is.

I like this on you, though.

jaljen said...

It looks like I thought it would/does. Really pretty. OPI do a lot of very similar shades to this.

Sassy said...

Lovely nails :)
Alla Moda e con Stile

LauraSummer said...

That's exactly what happened with me- I was so surprised how dark it was to all the swatches I'd seen!
I wanted something brighter and more pastel so I then bought china glaze 'light as air' instead. It was LE but you can still get it, or 'marley' by zoya- the formula of zoya is better too x

pelininstyle said...

It looks like a very nice color here.
Bur unfortunately I feel more closer to Essie than OPI always:) I don't know why:)

Shieldmaiden96 said...

If a shade disappoints I usually use it a couple of times to make some space in the bottle, then bump it in the direction I want it to go with a bit of another color. Not a full-on frankening, just a bit of an adjustment.

Rachael said...

I have Done Out in Deco and love it! I think on me it looks a little more subdued than it does on you. I currently have on OPI Parlez-Vous OPI which seems to be the last word in perfect winter dusky purple.

loveandkiwi said...

I have DOID but I like Essie Lilacism a LOT more. I used to love DOID but once I got a hold of Lilacism, I have neglected it.

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

I have DOid and love it! How strange, because yours definitely does look brighter than expected. And even stranger, because I think you and I have very similar skin tones. DOiD is definitely dustier on me. Here's how it looks on me, from when I posted it on MUA: (I can poof this link if I need to)

I wonder if you got a weird batch or something?

milan and vanaily said...

Funny thing, when I first saw this color in store I thought it was a darker, dusty purple. When I got it, it's more of a pastel...egg shell purple? It's strange how much it differs from when I first saw it. I still like it a lot :)

Grace said...

Light purples are tough for my skin tone, so I don't have too many (which is weird, because I have SO many dark purples). I think Butter London Marrow might be a good winter purple. It's much darker than this, but it's got that dusty look to it. I'm psyched to try Nice is Nice, but my thumb had a nasty run in with my food slicer a few weeks ago and my thumbnail is still not fully recovered :( I've been wearing only sheers so as not to draw attention to it, but it's driving me crazy!

Sia said...

I have one just like it by Bary M. x

kittytokaren said...

Honey_lilli - Thank you! And I don't have A Grape Fit to compare. :(

Stephanie - Thanks - and maybe I'm just losing it? Or had a really distorted expectation from swatches..

jaljen - Ahhhh another person who confirms this is what it looks like! Well then maybe I'm just crazy? Or imagining a different colour. :) Thanks friend.

Sassy - Thank you!!

LauraSummer - Thanks for the recs!! I have some other light lilacs I like like Essie Lilacism and St Lucia Lilac :)

pelininstyle - You and me both. :) Essie is my favourite!

shieldmaiden96 - That's a good idea! I'm going to try it a couple more times and if I still feel this way I'll try your method to "fix" it :)

Rachael - Yesssss Parlez-Vous OPI is the best! Thats what I changed to when DOiD failed me :)

loveandkiwi - I have Lilacism and love it! I just thought DOiD would be more sedate and dustier and darker. *sigh*

Courtney - Thanks for the link! That's what I wanted mine to look like...I thought initially that I got a bad batch, but I ordered a second bottle, and then went around town comparing my bottle to the ones in stores and they all looked the same! Ugh!

milan and vanaily - Exactly! That's what I thought about mine.

Grace - I'm been considering trying Butter London! What do you think of the quality? And your food slicer story makes me cringe!! Eeek!! I hope you heal quickly my friend.

Sia - Ooo yay I love Barry M!


Lucy said...

Gorgeous shade. I would save this to wear in a few months when the weather is warmer. Love this on you. You'll have to search further for a dustier shade.

hermetic said...

I have it and love it! but I think yellow tones in skin make the purple pop out more, like in my case and maybe yours too. It's really amazing how sometimes the same color can look so different on two people. I'd say give it a bit time because it is really nice color, one of my favs

Jackie S. said...

I have it but I have not tried it on, I say keep it, its a gorgeous color and wear it in the Spring :)

Mighty Lambchop said...

This looks terrible on me. It makes me look jaundiced. It's such a lovely color but so unwearable.

Grace said...

Re: Butter London - I held out a long time and then they started carrying it at the store in NYC where I now have to buy all my OPI (since the e-tailer ban) and I caved. I only have a few, but I like them well enough. The opacity leaves a little to be desired, but the wear is pretty good on me.

Alison said...

DOID looks far better on you than it does on me! I find the really dusty lilacs like OPI Parlez Vous OPI? and Essie Merino Cool work better with my skintone.

kittytokaren said...

@Lucy - That's a good idea. It might appeal to me more in spring, and I can still hunt down my dustier colour!

@hermetic - Yesssss exactly. I'm really yellow so it makes everything purple!!

@Jackie S - I will do this for sure :) thank you!

@Might Lambchop - Oh no that does not sound pretty!!

@Grace - BL is not easy to get for me...I think I'll wait on it until its easily accessible. But No More Waity, Katie really appeals to me!

@Alison - Yeah PVO was definitely more what I was in the mood for. IT is so gorgeous!!


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