Friday, February 4, 2011

iNOTD: Sally Hansen Skinny Jeans nail stickers

I was soooooooo looking forward to this one. But no, I had to apply it after the end of a bad day where I was running on 2 hours of sleep (insomnia) and was trembling very badly (coffee, stress)... and after I had just cleaned up a dinner that involved duck l'orange (bought, not cooked).

So... yeah, leftover duck grease on nails (I did wash my hands but not enough!) + shaking + impaired judgment = this disaster.

Sally Hansen Skinny Jeans

This is on Day 2. :( My thumb is particularly awful and my right hand (the camera hand) is missing two nails entirely. These usually do better than this on me. Too disappointed to do a real photo so an iPhone pic has to do, I guess.

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Jennifer said...

My experience with the Sally Hansen stickers was the same. My hands were cold and they didn't apply that well. By the next day the stickers were catching on things and peeling off. I was so disappointed! So since you've tried these and the Inque which do you find you like better? I was so disappointed in the SH ones it turned me off from trying the Inque.

flinty said...

I actually LOVED the Inque nails (shhh... there might be an Inque-related contest on this blog being announced next week). They are harder to apply than the SH ones (you need to heat them up with a hair dryer to set them) but they feel substantial (and are sooo vivid and glossy) and I found them to last longer. It definitely feels like something is ON your nails but they didn't catch on stuff nearly as often as I've been getting with this most recent SH nail sticker mani. BUT... you do need to work a bit harder to get rid of the jagged free edge. I think they're worth the effort but I recognize that not everyone's gonna agree with me on that one. :D

cathryn said...

ive seen a ton of reviews about these and everyone is always raving about them. most of the time there will be a 7day wear picture to show their "durability".

the 7+ day wear pictures always have chips on them, some significant and some not that bad. i dont think any/many of us walk around with chipped polish, so i dont think that theyre as genuinely fantastic as everyone says.

technically, yea, theyre still "stuck" on your nails, but when it gets to that point of obvious chipping, its time to say, "no, these didnt last that long".

i appreciate the raw post here with honest and realistic observations.

Sia said...

I love this one!! x

Lucy said...

I haven't tried any of these type of nail products. I'm not good with putting things on my nails. I even have trouble with stickers! I like the idea of them but don't know if I could take "feeling" them on my nails.

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