Friday, February 4, 2011

Ulta For Bitten

Ulta, we need to talk. I think I might be falling in love with you.

I know, I know; you're young, you don't want to get involved, you need your space. I respect that. I think you need to know, though - my feelings are strong.

For Bitten from Ulta's Glam Goth collection is one of the many reasons why I think I can't continue to live apart so much.

I mean LOOK AT YOU. You're a dark, vampy polish with lovely shimmer that changes from burgundy to gold.

You're seriously an amazing polish; two coats and I couldn't look away.

Don't ignore your feelings, Ulta.

Happy day, all!

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Karla said...

I bought this, returned it untried and then bought it again (in my defense, the second time I bought it, I had a coupon). It just looks so interesting!! It's still untried, but that may have to change this weekend. It's not like I have anything else to do with all this snow laying around... ;)

Vixxan said...

Very pretty!!! I want this but I must resist.

Deborah said...

Gorgeous, this is straight up my alley :).

Grace said...

That's gorgeous. Reminds me of the vampy from OPI burlesque. I wish there was an Ulta in NYC!

Honey_lili said...

This is a gorgeous color ! Do you think it's really different from OPI - Sanguine from the Glam Goth set ?

Lucy said...

Your so funny about this polish! It is gorgeous. Don't make me go to the Ulta website!

extraH said...

Hey ladies, sorry I am such a lousy comment responder!

It is an awesome color in real life, I assure you. Honey_lili, I am not sure how it matches up to Sanguine, but it looks really similar in the images I have seen of each - sadly, I didn't pounce on the OPI Goth set.

Lucy, go go go! : )

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