Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zoya Caitlin & Marley (Intimate, Spring 2011): a return to swatching

....and boy, if you don't use it, you lose it.

I haven't really swatched anything -- I've worn stuff but not swatched -- in months. And it shows.

Also, I forgot to use basecoat. Which I NEVER do. I always used basecoat when swatching.

Anyway, this was the wrong collection to re-start my swatching habit. The colors are so interesting and subtle... and I've become rather ham-handed with the camera during my swatching hiatus. :(

Zoya Marley

This was a surprising color to me: it looks like a greyed-out pale lilacky creme but it's actually full of pearly shimmer. Not at all obvious in the bottle but hard-not-to-notice in the sunlight and on the nail. Also, this got opaque fast for a pastel: the above is two coats. It applies a little thickly but I'm quite pleased with it.

Close-up of Marley
Lots and lots and lots of pearly shimmer. Not typically a fan but I like it in this one. :)

Zoya Caitlin

This is the MOST IMPOSSIBLE COLOR to capture. I had to fiddle around forever with the white balance settings on my camera to get anything that even remotely resembled the color of the polish. A lot of photos I've seen online make Caitlin look like a bright-ish (yet dusty) cornflower blue. On me, you can still see the cornflower but it's as if the blue was deeply desaturated; it's still closer to blue than it is the grey (I think the top photo is more accurate than the bottom) but it's a lot closer to grey than a lot of pics I've seen of it so far.

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Nicole said...

Marley is gorgeous!

KarenD said...

Both look great! I thought my Ulta might get this collection since they had the last one but so far haven't seen it. I might not be able to wait much longer. :)

Cherry Pullinger said...

I love both of those colours!

Sia said...

Love both colours x

paint that nail said...

I really like both of these especially the close up! :)

Lesley said...

darn you! lol
I really wasn't interested in Marley until I saw this post. I've already made an order for some polishes from the intimate collection (Caitlin was already on my list) but now I'm re-thinking things... haha

extraH said...

Dang it, and I thought I could avoid these. Foiled again. BTW, I think the swatches look awesome, flinty -

Lucy said...

I really like Caitlin. Very pretty shade. Marley is also nice but I think I have quite a few shades like this.

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