Thursday, May 19, 2011

Misa Whimsical Wish and Pixie Princess (Wishes, Spring 2011)

I feel like my most recent posts should be labeled "follies of a nail blogger": nails dented with a crochet hook, smudged polish, unshaped nubbins. Man, Misa's never going to send me anything again. Every Wishes collection mani I've posted so far has some major flaw. And totally not on purpose. ...although, I gotta say, that's part of the risk of putting on four coats to try to get rid of VNL. Nails don't dry as fast, even with quick-dry topcoat. (It really doesn't explain the unshaped nubbins. That's just sloppiness on my part.)

Misa Whimsical Wish

I don't know what's gotten into me but I'm so into delicate neutral-like colors lately. I wore this one happily for days. It felt really...refreshing. Subdued yet sparkly. (Like me. ...yeah, right, who am I kidding?) It's a light peachy-ish shade... whose peachiness was more due to the pink and gold shimmer that infuses a strongly creamy ivory base. I actually can't remember if this was four coats or five. I get the sense that the Wishes polishes are meant to be worn sheer but... eh... no. Thanks, but no. Still, it was easy to apply so I didn't mind as much. (The longer dry time however...)

Misa Pixie Princess

This one was less to my liking. And not only because I had just chopped my nails to nubbins and, as always, the first day or two after nubbinization always look kind of rough on me. I liked Whimsical Wish a lot because it gave the sense of pinkish peachiness without being overtly pink and peachy (which kind of clashes with my skin as a rule). This one was pink and peachy with pink and peachy shimmer. So... a lot of pink and peachy. I think this was four coats? (Might've been three? Definitely no less than three.)

I am so lusting after several polishes from the Essie Braziliant collection, one of which kittytokaren posted about yesterday. None of them have ended up on eBay yet (for Buy It Now -- there are some that are being auctioned). eBay's my go-to for Essie polishes of late: if I'm getting a bunch of them, the combined shipping a lot of sellers offer brings the cost down to what I used to pay for Essie from the etailers (about $4-5). I'll pay $8 for an Essie if it's a color that's sold out everywhere else and/or if I'm having a bad day and indulging in retail therapy. Most days though... nah. I got spoiled way back when and $8 sounds steep in comparison.

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Jennifer Leigh said...

I like both of these. I agree- they do look refreshing!

agirlinthebasementwith5cats said...

Those look pretty on you :)

Lucy said...

I usually avoid these light shades. Lately I've been really liking them. What's wrong with me? I mainly wear dark shades on my nails. I've been going through my polilshes and just seeing dark polishes. I do have load of lights but they're harder to find. I bought some Sally Hansen Salon yesterday. I'm going to wear Malt today when I do my nails. I'm going insane!

Jo said...

Very pretty nude shades, but they definitely look much better on you than they would on me : P

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