Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Essie Resort 2011 Picks!

Essie Resort 2011 was one of those collections that I looked forward to for *months*! I found out every little tidbit about it, scoured pictures for advanced shots of the colours - everything. When I was finally able to purchase it (on eBay, by the way - still haven't seen it in stores) I carefully selected my colours. I chose:

Essie Da Bush

A *very* close cousin to my new lovah - OPI Stranger Tides. Da Bush is ever-so-slightly darker and has a hint more blue to it, compared to ST's yellow. I am now in love with both of these pistachio shades! I have to hand it to Essie though - their application was better. A normal person would just need one of these...since I'm so smitten, I'm keeping both!

Essie Your Hut Or Mine

This is a colour I unexpectedly loved! I usually struggle with pinks - something about them typically makes my yellow skin look sallow and dead. But this lovely little gal is warm enough for me to pull off, but not bright enough to look overly Barbie! It has some gorgeous golden shimmer as well, that I completely failed to capture. Oi.

After the months of coveting, I'm really thrilled with these two polishes. The other two were not for me, and that's OK! In the end I have two more polishes joining my collection that I simply *adore*.

Now...I wonder what Essie has planned for fall? I haven't heard even a whisper! Have you?


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Varnish Vixen said...

The shimmer in Your Hut or Mine is awesome! I bought Da Bush just to compare it to Stranger Tides, but wound up really loving it which is great because I feel "meh" about ST.

Courtney said...

Ahh I was waiting to hear how the application on Da Bush was! I LOVED Stranger Tides, but the application was AWFUL - almost chalky? It was so weird. But if the Essie has a better application and the color is similar enough...I may just have to pick that one up!

soknitpicky said...

Those both look awesome on you! Any possibility you could do a side-by-side of ST and Da Bush? I already have ST and am debating whether I want both.

kittytokaren said...

@Varnish Vixen - Oh I'm so glad you loved Da Bush!! I think it would suit cooler/pinker skin tones better than ST. I think ST probably suits me a smidge more since I'm yellow, but I love both. ANd you're right - the shimmer in Your Hut is awesome! L2photograph, k2k. Sheesh.

@Courtney - I think you'll really like Da Bush. Application was way less chalky than Stranger Tides. I generally don't have issues with application - I think maybe my threshold for annoying application is really low? But I definitely noticed the difference!

@soknitpicky - Thank you so much! I don't have a side by side shot right now, but I can direct you to an awesome one on my friend cilucia's blog! Her skin tone is the same as mine and her pictures are really colour accurate. Here is her comp post: http://cilucia.blogspot.com/2011/05/essie-resort-2011.html


JC! :) said...

i have both of these and love them both.

soknitpicky said...

Thanks! That was helpful!

Lucy said...

I want both of these. They're really pretty on you. I'm also looking forward to the Fall collection.

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