Monday, June 27, 2011

Essie Braziliant and OPI Blue Shatter

Hey, I'm alive, I exist. Really. Summer has FINALLY arrived for me -- except not really because I do actually have a ton of work to do and am going to France in two weeks for a conference -- and I have a pretty substantial backlog of NOTDs that I have to post! (Plus a lot of swatching to do... alas, I don't think I'll be able to resume swatching until after I get back from France.)

Essie Braziliant

This was such a disappointment for me. It was this really bright orange in the bottle with this fabulous magenta shimmer... and then I put it on and discover that it just looks coral in most lights. (Oddly, once I uploaded the photos to blogger, it looks a lot more red...) You can see the magenta up close (though I wasn't able to capture it in the photos) but it just sort of mixes with the orange and turns into coral... and I just don't look good in most corals. Application was great though: two coats. This photo was taken on day 2 or 3.

Essie Braziliant and OPI Blue Shatter

My SO took one close look at my nails and asked, "Why did you choose this color combination?"

I answered, "Because it's the ugliest color combination."

He replied, "OK. Just making sure you knew that."

But I love it. I would not mix blue and orange in any other situation but my nails but I just love this shatter *coughcrackle!cough* mani. This was taken on Day 2 of the shatter mani (which would be day 4 of the Braziliant mani). I used one coat of the blue shimmer shatter and it crackled beautifully. Why can't all crackle polishes crackle nicely? (Oh, and it wasn't clumpy. Thank goodness.)

Braziliant and Blue Shatter closeup

So I have a question for y'all: I have several boxes that are CHOCK FULL of nail polishes that I need to get off my hands. (I'm sure there will be more after my annual summer de-stash.) Some are older, some are more recent. The vast majority have only been used once; a small fraction have had 1/4th decanted from them. Most cost between $1 and $10. Many, many different brands. I do plan on selling the ones that I paid many pretty pennies for individually (though I won't charge pretty penny prices, I promise) but there are at least 300 polishes that don't fall into the "oh man, I spent too much on this one polish, I have to recoup this loss" category. I just don't have the time to sell all of them off individually.

I know my $10 (+$5 shipping) small flat-rate grab-boxes have been popular in the past. But even selling these polishes by the dozen is a daunting task. Would there be any interest in my selling medium flat-rate grab-boxes? I need to pack one up properly to see how many I can fit into a single box but I estimate it to be between 40-50 polishes. The price will probably work out to be about $1.50 a polish (plus shipping), a good mix of brands, colors and finishes guaranteed. (And seriously, no one will get a box even half full of polishes that cost me less than $3.) It's a steep price but for those who want to build their stash quickly... I mean, it's a stash-in-a-box. Open it up and voila, a decent-sized stash for a fraction of its retail price.

If I do go with the medium flat-rate grab-box idea, after selling a few, I'll probably be offering small flat-rate grab-envelopes (which can reliably hold 20 polishes, price TBD). ...there's plenty of nail polish to go around!

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Thea said...

I love the orange color! So so cute! Maybe you can check out my nailblog? I am a newbeginner, but I get better all the time! x)

Lots of hugs from Thea <3

Naomi's Nail Art said...

Goodness gracious! Love the color. The combo couldn't be better. Thank you for that post. Please follow.

Vanessa said...

I think the polish grab-boxes is a fantastic idea, and I am very interested in them! If you have any more info on them, I'd love to hear it :)

Melissa said...

I'd be interested in a small flat rate box if you plan on doing some more of those.
(check out my giveaway!)

Lisa Chloe said...

I'm a huge Florida Gators fan and I have been considering the blue shatter for football saturdays. Now I can't wait to go get the blue shatter! Thanks :)

Piff said...

Go Knicks! lolololol

Lacquered Lover said...

I actually did an orange mani with OPI Y'All Come Back Now Ya Hear? and Blue Shatter since it's the color of the NY Mets!

Guðrún Ingibjörg said...

Keep us posted with the sale thing :)

beachgal said...

I got eyeball nabbed by this same shade from the interesting look in the bottle. Ditto here on not getting it to show what it has once on. I put an overlay of OPI I Juggle Men on it and BAMB! It's amazing. It just needs a little push to pull up that iridescent that is in there with a pop of beautiful pink and other flashes.
Not a fan at all of the shatter over it. Looks like you were dressing up to go to support your fav sports team who's colors are blue and orange! But don't get all upset folks. I am one of many that is super tired of all the shatter chatter.

rijaH said...

Love the combo! And braziliant is so pretty! I am a fan, to bad you are not :P If you plan on sending overseas then I am interested :)

Dora said...

Ship internationalllllyyyyy? ^_^

Pam R. said...

Any mention of blog sale, grab bag, stash-in-a-box, etc. gets me excited. Will keep an eye out for news.

Matilde said...

I'd definitely be interested on buying some of your polishes, as most of the brands can't be found in Spain. Just to help you, of course :p

Beck said...

LOL - I logged in to comment "Let's Go Mets!" and saw that the Gators and Knicks fans already got here!

Olivia Frescura said...

cool combo!

Adrianna said...

Stash in a box, yay!

Nails and Thangs said...

This is an interesting color combo, reminds me of the NY Knicks (im from NYC)...
About the sale, if you do do the small-flat rate box I would be interested in that... I already have a decent sized collection (almost 150) but if you have some interesting colors up for grabs I would be happy to take those off of your hands :D

♥ Claire ♥ said...

Love the colour combo

Anonymous said...

Hey! I like the blue and orange. It's like colour blocking on the nails :)
I'd love to volunteer for a huge polish box; if you'd like to try, maybe you'd like to email me on
and to be very honest, it's good to have you back :)

Jill said...

I would definitely be interested in the medium grab boxes!

Em said...

This colour combo works AWESOME!! I love it.

Aww I wish you could ship to Australia :( I do understand why you can't but I would love a grab box :(

SalvagedExpression said...

Blue and orange is actually my favorite complementary color combination. Come to think of it though I'm not sure I've ever done it in an outfit or craft project since puberty. I think a mani is in order!
The stash in a box is a great idea though I think I have too many polishes to get personally excited. I might be in for the mini bags though.

Anonymous said...

I would for sure be interested in a medium sized box and look forward to more details if you decide to go that way!

auroragyps said...

Orange & blue are opposite each other on the color wheel, so they make each other POP. Sometimes I'll wear peach or orange on my hands & blue on my toes, or vise versa.

cilucia said...

Braziliant was a let down for me too. It's in my swap box already.

Have a safe trip overseas!

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to snag a grab box, maybe in the $40-50 range, but even more likely if it was more in the $30-40 range. What brands would they mostly be?

Mariela said...

I would be willing to grab a box as well. email me for more info

flinty said...

@Thea: I'll take a look. :)

@Naomi: Thanks! :)

@Vanessa: Yay! Basically, I just need a small handful of people to take a chance. :)

@Melissa: I do plan on doing that but closer to the end of summer, probably.

@Lisa Chloe: It's really a great shatter!

@Piff: hahahahahah. I don't know how I managed to just overlook that these are the colors of my hometown teams. Maybe it's was a subconscious decision to use these colors… :D

@lacquered lover: see above comment. ;) (How was Y'All Come Back Now Ya Hear?)

@Guðrún Ingibjörg: Will do!

@Beachgal: I Juggle Men? Huh! I will have to try it. :)

@rijaH: I usually do sell to people overseas. As long as y'all are willing to pay for shipping, it's not that much of a hassle otherwise!

@Dora: most likely

@Pam R: yay!

@Maltide: Of course. I appreciate it. ;)

@Beck: Lots of sports fans it seems…

@olivia: thanks!

@Adrianna: yep… better than me spending weeks selling off 300+ polishes individually

@nails and things: I'll have more details on the small flat rate box later on in the summer.

@claire: thanks!

@goodlacknail: aww thanks! I missed blogging so much. :)

@em: Glad you enjoy! (I can to ship to anywhere as long as someone pays for the shipping.)

@salvagedexpression: I've always been bizarrely drawn to the color combo but I don't ever put it together in an outfit. Crafts projects sometimes.

@alison: Hurrah, I think enough people have now said they'd be interested for me to go through with it. :)

@auroragyps: I remember learning that about orange and blue years and years ago… I should learn how a color wheel works again.

@cilucia: thank you so much! It'll be a short trip, unfortunately. :( Glad I wasn't alone with the Braziliant let down.

@goclimbastreet: It won't be below $1.25 per polish, so it really depends on how many I can fit.

@Mariela: I'll definitely have more information on it in the coming weeks!

Lucy said...

I just had to laugh at what your SO said! I immediately thought this looked like a sports themed manicure. From the responses it certainly looks that way.

Lacquer Addicts Anonymous said...

I'd really like to participate in your sale cause you guys get the most beautiful brands we don't ever get to see IRL! Will you ship to the Netherlands? Let me know!


Donna said...

Just started reading your blog. Loving it!! I would love to hear any more info if you do a "grab" box. I too have a "few" polishes just sitting around, never thought to offer them up with a flat rate shipping box to friends. Keep up the loveley nail pics. :)

coco_fiere said...

Although my stash is reaching epic proportions, I am excited by the idea that you'll be unloading some goodies to us soon. Keep us posted! Go Gators! LOL

Jenna said...

I would definately buy a box :D I live in New Zealand though >.<

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