Saturday, July 16, 2011

From Blank Canvas to Birthday Cake - $OPI Spark-tacular! Top Coat

I was really enjoying my OPI Alpine Snow blank canvas mani! But I decided that I would add a new polish I bought just for funsies (my brother's favourite word, btw!) - and because I probably can't wear crazy polish for that much longer.

I went to Sephora earlier this week to return something and saw something new in the rack - Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular! Top Coat and I bought it on a whim! I don't have the original Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, but I'm certain that this was meant to be a dupe, copy or 'inspired by' polish. It's full of multi-coloured glitter in different shapes and sizes - but none of them are too large or chunky, which is something I like. (I'm not loving the look of the upcoming OPI Rainbow Connection - a super chunky rainbow glitter - at all.)

This is two coats and the result reminds me of Funfetti birthday cake! Speaking of which, it was recently my kitty cat's birthday - and she loooovvvves cake. She turned 22 years old! (Yes, in real years.) Here is the lovely lady (alias "The Master Manipulator"), enjoying her birthday in the sweltering heat. life...

Anyways, sorry for the non-polish pic! For those who have DL HB - is this dupe-y or just 'inspired by'?


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Dye-A-Graham said...

Oooooh I love this look! It is so fun and definitely a good dupe. Might I add that you have the prettiest kitty cat that I have ever seen!! She's cool is that!!! Happy Birthday Kitty!!

Noelie said...

K2K wearing glitter!? I love that on you. =) I'm not thrilled about the Muppets glitters at all... in fact, I am very, very disappointed. *sigh*

Stephanie said...

I had a kitty that lived to be 22. Your kitty looks adorable.

Courtney said...

Hmm...from what I can tell it looks like maybe an "insprired-by" polish? Either way, it looks great over white!! And I loooooove Funfetti cake! Mmm!

And happy birthday to kitty!! 22 years - wow!! :-D

Spontaneous Beauty said...

I really like the glitter polish over the white polish. I'm going to try that this weekend!

Shbecky said...

Happy birthday to your kitty! Mine is 5 and when I told my boyfriend how long cats live he couldn't believe it! You are so lucky. I now have 2 DL Happy Birthdays (just got the set with the 2 spin offs at Nordstrom bc I wanted to review on my blog). I also grabbed the new SOPI to reach free shipping on Sephora. Happy Birthday has more of the medium sized hex glitter than SOPI. I also think SOPI has more pastel toned glitter than Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday is more primary colors :) I will have to get a comparison up! Have fun layering!

anne_713 said...

Oh...I think I like this glitter version best! It looks like its more evenly spread out. I may have to go in search of this... :)

Biba said...

Oh, wow! Happy B-Day to your kitty :)

s. said...

I'm not crazy about the polish, but I had to leave a comment because that is suuuch a sweet ol' cat! mine are 10 and 11. seniors are full of so much love and personality.

BabyGirlRina said...

I love this combo! It reminds me a bit of Milani Gems

Irishenchantment said...

this is gorgeous and definitely funsies lol!

shel xx

Kimberly said...

OH, Happy Birthday to your beautiful kitteh! Well, 22 isn't exactly a kitten but, I don't want to hurt her feelings. :)

This manicure is gor-gee-us!!!

beachgal said...

Wow - 22 years old. I figured when you told us what kind of kitty or gave a photo it would for certain be a Siamese as they tend to live very long lives. Another breed that lives up there is the Maine Coon. Don't see either of those in your darling dear! Good genes!

Agree - when I saw this shade on I thought it was their take on the HP from Deb Lippmann. Not a great dupe at all. Pretty hard to top HB. But I like yours on the Alpine Snow. Lets ya really study each shape and color well in the party glitter. Also, like the length of your nails. I am so not into long nails and get a bit grossed out when I hit blogs of some folks that have these huge curling daggers. I am so much a fan of where nail length trends are at right now. Folks can stop worrying about how to grow long nails now and instead be all into how to keep healthy nails!

Melissa said...

I love the glitter of this polish. I probably don't need it, seeing how I already own something a little similar to this but it's much more different in color.

I looked up swatches of Rainbow Connection after you mentioned seeing it and it's not what I expected either. I assumed it was going to be small glitter like the Burlesque line, not huge chunky pieces. I have a feeling the other glitters in this collection are going to be the same size. I'm not sure if I like it, but who knows.

KimsKie's Nails said...

What a festive color! Very nice but I guess apita to remove?


Lucy said...

I wish I had a cat that was around for that length of time. That's really a blessing. Love calico cats. Your nails look like such a party. Love them.

kittytokaren said...

@Dye-A-Graham - Thank you for the compliments on my mani and my kitty! She is very multi-coloured - her paw pads are even different colours! Her "palm" pad is black and pink swirled and her little toes alternate black and pink. :)

@Noelie - Ikr?? *fans self* I'm glad you like it friend! I'm highly disappointed with Muppets - but then again Burlesque wasn't my thing either, so I guess OPI holiday collections just aren't for me any more. Too bad, as Holiday 09 was my fav :(

@Stephanie - Did you really?? I've never met anyone else who had such an old kitty!! What was he/she like? Indoor or outdoor cat?

@Courtney - Mmmm is right! Funfetti is delicious. And this is coming from a baking snob! Kitty says thanks for the birthday wishes!

@Spontaneous Beauty - I'd love to see your combo!

@Shbecky - Kitties can live a long time! It varies quite a bit! My sweetheart is the oldest kitty patient at her vet's office now though. But I *have* heard of them getting as old as 30! I am so glad to hear from someone who actually has the real HB! I think I'm liking the pastellyier (ooo yeah that's a word) look of this $OPI, to be honest. I can't wait to see a comparison!

@anne_713 - Check it out! The best part about $OPI polishes is that they have testers in the store that you can try before you buy!

@Biba - Thank you!

@s - I'm usually not a glitter gal either - and thank you for complimenting my kitty! She loves compliments btw ;) and has a huge personality. I love her very much.

@BabyGirlRina - Yes! Gems was another HB 'inspired-by' I believe!

@Irishenchantment - hehehee your comment made me giggle for real :)

@Kimberly - Hahaa my father calls her his "kitten" all the time and I think it's bizarre! She is much wiser than a little kitten, but just as sweet.

@beachgal - I agree...I don't think she has any of those in mother always says she's "just a housecat" when people ask what breed she is. But something in her makes her long-lived! She also loves people, which is another Maine Coon trait I believe, but I don't see it in her at all! I'm also a fan of shorter nails....I have a hard time looking at longer ones without feeling squeamish sometimes - I think it depends on the shape. Yay for healthy nails!

@Melissa - Yeah, unfortunately seeing swatches of the other glitters, they seem to be the same size. :(

@KimsKie's Nails - I don't know yet! It's still on my nails. :)

@Lucy - It really is a blessing. She has helped me through some serious hard times. (Like when I had foot surgery she guarded my foot for about a week. LOL!) I know she's getting older, and it gets harder and harder to say goodbye to her when I leave, but she really is living the ideal cat life right now in her golden years. :) Glad you liked the nails too!


Cat said...

" gets harder and harder to say goodbye to her when I leave..." Aw, that makes me sad! (hugs)
Happy Birthday to Kitty! Today I met Jewels, a 21 year old Maine Coon. I much prefer cats from afar, but I do think they are gorgeous creatures and love to see pictures of them. Jewels is the first cat I ever let sit on my lap. She is wise in her old age and so sweet.

I just bought this polish today! It is definitely inspired by HB, but I love how much finer the glitter is. I'm wearing it on my thumbs layered over Essie Absolutely Shore, which looked so good in the pool today. I love celadon green!

ilexica said...

LOVE the polish and love your cat. Happy birthday kitty!

Jonique said...

I did a similar mani recently and I felt the same way about the confetti cake. My compromise was the confetti Aunt Jemima pancakes lol.

kittytokaren said...

@Cat - *sniffle* She really is such a sweetheart and means so much to everyone in my family. I love the story of your meeting with Jewels!! Older cats tend to be gentler and more aware of human "rules" so it's easier for people not used to animals to be around them. My hubs is not a cat/animal person, and my kitty cat won him over. She isn't in his face, and he appreciates it. (Plus she showed him how smart she is by luring him to her food, which I think he respects. LOL) About polish - so the glitter is definitely finer? I like that part of this polish too...and btw I LOVE Absolutely Shore!

@ilexica - Hi lovely! Thank you thank you!

@Jonique - There are confetti Aunt Jemima pancakes??? *googles* screw it. *goes to grocery store*


Haylee said...

Love that glitter! Gorgeous and colorful.

Dolled Up Daily



Jenna said...

I like this one better than Happy Birthday >.< !!

Katie said...

I don't think this is a dupe of Happy Birthday but it is a great glitter. Love it over white! It's very much like funfetti cake! I once did a manicure with Happy Birthday over a white polish.

Alison said...

Love this mani, so pretty!
Happy Birthday Kitty! So cute!

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