Monday, July 18, 2011

Dior Beige Lotus

Total impulse buy from a Duty Free shop at the Taipei airport. Twas my conference mani.

Dior Beige Lotus

I actually really like it. It's a good neutral with a bit of sparkle. Two coats, a typically great Dior experience. (Why are they sooo expensive though??)

Conference went well though it was absolutely exhausting. I almost forgot my poster in France, which wouldn't have been bad because I don't really have any more use for it. Still, it cost $120 to print so keeping it is a matter of principle.

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Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

That looks fab on you! I'm not one for nudes, but I may have to start investing. :o)

Katie said...

Usually I don't like neutrals but this polish looks great! Maybe it is because of the sparkle? I wish the prices on Dior polishes were lower because it sounds like they have great formulas!

beachgal said...

This is a beauty. Dior name is why it costs so stinking much! I just hate that. I am so happy with a # of cheaper brands in the $8 ranges. But have to admit, I will reach now and again for either a discontinued $8 one that is up to $25 I just gotta have - or one I have convinced myself I have to have out of a higher $ value brand. If Deb Lippmann can come out with such a fab formula you KNOW Dior and other way over priced brands can do it too!

Sia said...

Love!! x

Elphiero said...

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri has a really similar polish called Quick Sand. It seems to be a little more orange toned than this color though.

Lucy said...

This is a really pretty shade. I don't blame you for buying this beauty. What does your poster look like? Glad everything went well.

Jenna said...

yummy shimmer :)

flinty said...

Laura: I'm not into nudes that much either but they're starting to wear me down lately (says the woman wearing Lippmann Candy Shop right now).

Katie: The sparkle really gives it life. It's neutral but still playful. And yes, I've only rarely been disappointed by Diors but they are too spendy to buy too often!

Beachgal: Brand names... even if they came out with a stinker, you know they'll still make a profit off of them. Doesn't give them much incentive sometimes but Dior usually steps up to the challenge. :)

Sia: thanks!

Elphiero: I think I've seen that somewhere... and I think you're right, a little more orange than this one.

Lucy: Poster was colorful but ultimately pretty boring. It mostly summarized the way my experiment was set up.

Jenna: ITA. :)

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