Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two poorly applied pinks

1. Illamasqua Lament

Excuse the shocking iNOTD phone picture. Bought this thinking it was coral, but on me it reads very pink. This turned into a horrible mani because a) I mixed up the lumos base and top coat (WHY are the bottles the same?!), so this chipped within twelve hours, and b) I gave in to my mothers demands to help me apply it. She was trying to help. She'd had two glasses of wine. I had a conference* to go to the next day and no remover to tidy it up. (This, fortunately, is the hand I managed to wrest control of the brush for). Bit of a nightmare, although no fault of the polish! That aside, this is two coats (but a bit bald with two, could have done with three) and a nice juicy watermelon colour. I must try this again.

*The conference went well, although one of the biggest names in my field turned up to watch my paper, which was a terrible cut-and-shut job put together in an afternoon. After spending half an hour sitting through the other papers wondering if I could hold my breath long enough to simulate a blackout and thus miss the questions, it went fine, and Prof Awesome was really nice.

2. China Glaze Diva Bride

A manicure applied for the purposes of protecting my nails while I repainted my hall. Two coats, a little streaky but not too bad. Very sheer, and didn't cover a teabag patch I have protecting my index, so stuck a badly photoshopped picture of my cat over the top to shield your eyes. You're welcome.

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Laura said...

Holy moly that's bright. I like it! It doesn't look as bad as you say. :) And I love your cat-patch, lol.

rock-or-not said...

Cute colors!!

Lucy said...

Your Mother did pretty good for 2 glasses of wine. Just relaxed her and she did a great job. Nice and bright pink. Your cat looks wonderful on your nails! Funny.

beachgal said...

Illum. is REALLY bright - but right now I am digging bright, esp on toes...it's summer after all - despite my sun tea did not have enough sun or heat here at the beach today to 'cook.' I had to bring it in and heat it to finish on the stove! I don't think your polish job looks bad...least from this monitor the Lllum Pink looks fine! Sorry for you it was not coral. But I am loving the pink it is! Just a day early for Pink Wen!!!

Jenna said...

the cat makes everything ok :D

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