Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Shape, "New" French

Very rarely do I change up my nail shape. I'd venture to say never. They pretty much grow "squoval" (except my index fingers...those little rule breakers) and I've stuck with that.

BUT. I got super inspired after seeing this video of Sophy Robson doing Lisa Eldridge's nails - HERE. (P.S. I totally want to be Lisa Eldridge.)

A couple glasses of wine, and I was left with this:

It's a sketchy night shot, but I liked it because it shows the navy tips off better than my day shots do. I used Essie T-Bills Putty for the nude and Essie Midnight Cami for my tips.

Result? I am looovvviiinnngggg not only this manicure, but this nail shape. I can even see myself doing this French again with different colours - Maybe a more pinky base with grey tips? I probably will not stick with the oval shape forever - it will be hard to keep up because my natural nail shape will be fighting me, but I will enjoy it! (You will see the Return of the Squoval soon here on PoP - I have several swatches that I photographed a little while back still waiting to be shared.)

So - I'm nervous to ask - but what do you think?? Do you prefer the oval or the squoval on me? Do you ever switch up your nail shape? Let me know, I'm curious!!


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Sia said...

How cool! XOXO

greeneyespinknails said...

I saw the video too last week! This is actually how I used to do my nails in the 90's but with Chanel's Rouge noir or Revlon's Vixen on the tips. I really like the oval French mani. It suits you really well.

greeneyespinknails said...

Oh and I do prefer this shape on you! I generally also do that shape when my nails are at their shortest. It's just more flattering and it elongates the fingers.

beachgal said...

I really prefer the oval - as is BIG TIME prefer. It's much more natural looking, clean, hip, with it, modern and most of all it's not so architectural as the squoval shaping. I do have a bias to share with you however. I do my own nails oval and really prefer them. Mine also seem to stay stronger if I keep them filed into oval.

These kinds of French manis are fun - not all old and tired like the white tips. Chipping is just as bad with a dark tip however on me as it is with a white one.

See if you can keep up with the oval. I think you will find you like it a lot. Change is good!

Sarah said...

I think both shapes are pretty on you. My nails naturally grow oval, and it's REALLY difficult to get them into any other shape. I stick with the shape that's the easiest to achieve, so I can get on with polishing instead of spending forever on filing.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

I struggle with this about as often as I stand in front of the bathroom mirror trying to figure out what I'd look like if I had bangs again. I'm sorely tempted when for the 100th time my square pinky nail gets either jammed in the keys or hits something I didn't intend and catapults me out of whatever I was doing on my netbook. It looks lovely and I just may be sticking my glass file in my purse and working on mine during an idle moment at work.

CucumPear said...

I was so excited when I saw that video in my subscription list, 'cause Lisa Eldridge is awesome, Sophy Robson is awesome, and both together must be mind-blowing.

I love the dark tip colour, I agree that an opaque nude is needed for this technique, I see that this really does lengthen the nail. But I just don't like curvy tips. Maybe it's because my index finger nails' smile lines are pretty much that C-shape, just kind of wonky, and they really bug me.
If I want to fake a longer, narrow nail bed I use an opaque base and just make the tip skinnier than it normally would be.

That being said, I do adjust my nail shape fairly regularly. When my nails are short, they look better when I file them a bit more oval, as they grow out I keep them more squoval.

Ice Queen said...

I saw that video, too. I really enjoy Lisa Eldridge's videos and I have learned a lot from her. I liked the idea of this manicure and you did a great job of your own. Honestly, I think a more pink base would have looked better with the navy tips but you nailed the shape and painting those smiles. :D

The oval shape seems to be very flattering to your nails and hands. I personally feel that we should wear the nail shape that works best for us and makes us happy, regardless of trends. So if ovals make you happy, do oval, otherwise, go back to squoval. I think that you could make that look work on squoval nails, too. :)

tasha~ said...

I saw this Lisa Eldridge video as well (love her!) and I intend to try this mani too :) You did a great job.

Salla said...

I tried to do this look as well but it didn't translate well on my nail length or the shape... But I'll have to try it again!

Grace said...

I like it on you! I change up my shape every once on a while to something rounder, but I always come back to squoval.

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

I love the new shape, I do the same thing every 3 months!

Barbara said...

I think it's great! I don't think it matters what shape your nails are, as long as you like it yourself :D As long as YOU like your nails, everything's all good ;D

Polish Vixen Marisa said...

I actually really like it!! It's different and that's what I like :)

AmyGrace said...

After seeing Lisa Eldridge's video I wanted my nails in an oval shape too, lol. But I'm not sure it'll look good on me. Your ovals look lovely though, change can be refreshing right? ^^

ChaosButterfly said...

I literally never change my nail shape because I'm too lazy for the upkeep. They grow more or less square, and that works for me.
But I'm in love with this shape on you! It really shows off your nail beds if that makes any sense at all.

Lign en million uden at skulle eje en. said...

Love the idea, french manicure don't have to be the same boring white tip (:..
Btw i think you should do a list over the funniest names on nail polish! :D.. that would be awesome, ecspecially if you own polishes from Bleach Black lol..

Lucy said...

I'll have to watch the video. I need Lisa Eldrige to do my makeup! Love this manicure and the new nail shape. It's a very classy looking manicure. I adore this! I changed my nail shape last year when they were longer. Somehow they ended up in the long oval shape. Looked so pretty but ended up breaking. I have the squoval shape also. I wish my nails would grow again. I'd love to try this manicure.

Sandi said...

Mine are squoval because that's the shape my nail beds are and anything else looks like I have fake nails on. Plus I've found that the more I file the sides of my nails, the quicker they break

S. said...

It's really really cool ! Love the mani on you ! :)
I have my nails long and oval, and then when I break one or am tired of it, I shape them short and square, it's always like that: short and square and long and oval :)
Xx. S

Ariel Braverman said...

These look super great on you! I used to be an all-squoval, all the time kind of woman, but now I'm pretty obsessed with the Russian style claws. Pointy and sharp! Rawr!

Anonymous said...

I love the ovals but I think the long nail beds mean you can have any style you want. I just have a hard enough time trying to get my nails into a shape similar to each other.

Lillie said...

It's a little like comparing apples and oranges since the tips create a bit of an illusion (I'd need to see a straight color to be sure), but I love your usual nail shape. Of all of you on PoP, your fingers are my fave!

kittytokaren said...

@Sia - Glad you like it!

@greeneyespinknails - I'm loving your blog btw!! I would love to see pics of your 90s manis - they sound fabulous.

@beachgal - I really love how the oval looks. It's good to hear that yours stay strong when filed oval - I am worried about that being its not my natural shape!

@Sarah - This is exactly why I will probably go back to squoval at some point - it's just easy to follow how things naturally grow. There's something to be said for low maintenance!

@Shieldmaiden96 - Ahhh!! So you waver back and forth too! Let me know if you decide to try it :)

@CucumPear - OMG wasn't that video awesome?? I mean, I usually watch Lisa's videos a million times each when they come out, but this was really something special for me too being a nail girl! I like the idea of changing the shape as they grow...I'm more likely to do the opposite of you though - squoval when shorter, oval when longer!

@Ice Queen - Painting those smile lines was fairly easy but OMG I took forever doing them. Sophy Robson has seriously mad skills. I think I'll try this french look on squoval like you suggested :)

@tasha - Thank you! I'd love to see pics when you try it!

@Salla - Sometimes things just don't work on certain people! I can't carry glitter off very well...

@Grace - I have a feeling I will slip into a pattern much like this.

@NYNAILDIVA - You switch too? I totally need to consider changing up my nail shape more frequently!

@Barbara - Well said. I am definitely liking this right now :)

@Polish Vixen Marisa - Glad you like it friend!

@AmyGrace - Change is definitely refreshing! I recommend you try it - nails grow fairly quickly so if you hate it, you wont have to live with it long!

@ChaosButterfly - I'm definitely worried about the upkeep thing.....and thanks!

@Lign en million uden at skulle eje en - There is already a whole blog dedicated to funny polish names!

@Lucy - I would just faint if LE would do my makeup! Let me know if you end up trying this :) I'd love to see

@Sandi - Uh oh....I really really hope I dont have a lot of breakage.

@S - I think this is exactly what I'll be doing! (Albeit my long won't be very long...)

@Ariel Braverman - Thank you!! I don't think I could pull off the claws!! Do you have pics of yours??

@maribeedee - I used to hate having long-ish nail beds. Hate. Now I'm more OK with it.

@Lillie - You will see them with plain polish very soon!! Thanks so much for saying you like my fingers :) Pretty much made my day! And no worries, squoval will appear many times in upcoming posts!


greeneyespinknails said...

Thanks for your nice comments!
I wish I had some pictures of my 90's manis. Must try to find some! I used to do a lot of fun things like mixing china ink in white polish to get nice pastel lacquers! Did a lot of French manis with pastel or dark tips. Loved those. And of course vampy moon manis using chanel's Vamp or Rouge Noir.

Kari said...

Squoval! Plus, that word is pretty cool.

The Lacquered Lady said...

Oval looks so good on you! I too am a huge fan of oval. I find that it makes my tips less prone to breakage and just looks more natural on me. I normally really despise french manis but that one feels so fresh and clean!

Arrianne said...

I really prefer your nails squoval...I don't know, something about oval nails creep me out. Square/squoval just look so chic and clean.

Laikabear said...

How funny you posted this when I *just* was taking my naturally oval nails squoval yesterday! I have tried the squoval once before and found it hard to maintain. It seems like EVERYONE is squoval or square though and I'm the only oval girl! :) I love the mani and the video (link is broken though, had to google it). The navy tips are awesome - I do love a funky French. But I have a terrible time trying to do my OWN nails in a French.

MissDoll said...

Oval shape rocks!!!! I think squares are looking to fake sometimes that is the reason I shape my nails always into ovals :)

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