Friday, October 28, 2011

Brown for Fall - Essie Little Brown Dress

A very pretty and shiny classic dark chocolate lacquer...but I'm not sure chocolate brown polish is really my thing.

Essie Little Brown Dress:

What do you think? I think something a little murkier like OPI Get in the Express-o Lane might be more up my alley.


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Fingers said...

OMGOMGOMG!!! This is my all time favorite brown! I am addicted to brown polish! I think this looks awesome on you!

Grace said...

This is the only straight-up brown polish I have, but I do love it. Don't get me wrong, I love my dusty-murky colors, but sometimes a little more saturation is in order :) I think the murky colors are tougher to wear for evening. They just don't read "glam" like a deep, shiny polish does, e.g. I wanted navy nails for a wedding I just went to, and I almost picked OPI Roadhouse Blues, but in the end, the glitz won me over and I went with RBL Piu Mosso.

greeneyespinknails said...

Hmm, a bit too dark for my taste. Have you tried Chanel's Impérial? It's a bit lighter and richer.

beachgal said...

Always a classic

Cathy Lee said...

I'm not impressed with the bottle color - it reminds me of the Chinese herbal medicine (I'm Chinese and think they are pretty effective). So this color seems a little sad for me.

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