Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OPI Not Like the Movies (Katy Perry for OPI, 2011)

When I got the nail polish, the bottle looked really amazing. It looked like very dusty, mossy green shot through with a ton of gold shimmer with a lurking hint of purple duochrome. 

OPI Not Like the Movies

Then I put it on and... well, is it possible to be blown away AND be sort of "meh" about it? It isn't as lustrous as it appears in the bottle of it is is much more interesting on the nail. If you don't look too carefully, it looks like a dull silver polish. But then you get close and you see a slightly green-platinum duochrome, shot through with purple microglitter. Super fascinating manicure to look like but not beautiful, per se. But I have nothing else like it so... it's a keeper. :)

Speaking of keepers and things that are not like the movies, today is my fourth anniversary with my SO. It's been a very bumpy road with a lot of highs and lows (sometimes in the same day) and [insert roller coaster cliche here]. I think the way we met would qualify as a "meet cute". The rest of the relationship wouldn't merit a screenplay. This time last year, I had seriously considered leaving. One year later, I've never been so grateful for not turning around and running away as fast as I could. 

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Mnemo said...

owwww, as much as I find this nail polish very bland and uninteresting, I loved your (love) story! Happy Anniversary!
I have this polish (got in in the mini pack), but I've never worn it. These shades just don't tickle my fancy, I guess..

Lucy said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm glad that you worked through your problems and stayed. I feel like too many people have a few arguments & then break up. It's tough to be in a relationship & it takes constant work. I don't have this polish. I bought the dupe (whatever it was). It is interesting to look at. I have a couple like that.

beachgal said...

Happy A! - Just an FYI - there are 2 formulas of this polish out there. OPI sold out so fast on the Katy Perry (less than one day) collection - they had to go back and make more. There was a oops in the mix up of this one shade - the 2nd and 3rd runs they did of it has zero pink/blue shift in it. It goes on like a pewter type polish leaving a bit more silver than that with no color shift in it at all. Oddly I have not heard much about this on blogs. I went looking last summer when I realized this for any of the 1st formula release I could find and stashed them thinking it would end up being a HTF one and worth $ - but thus far no one as I said making a big deal over it like normally happens when there are 2 formals of the same name.

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