Friday, January 27, 2012

Orly Fresh and Frisky (Happy Go Lucky, Fall 2011)

Some collections scream the season in which they are released. Spring sees a lot of pastels, summer brings out the neons, fall and winter sees a lot more muted shades and vampies, and holidays are often glitterbombs. Never in my life would I have looked at Orly's Happy Go Lucky collection and thought, "Hey, that reminds me of buying No. 2 pencils and a required gym uniform." 

Orly Fresh

This is green creme that has just a tad of jelly to give it the squishy finish. It is, like, a step or two below neon but stops short of it. The first layer makes it look like it'll apply somewhat thickly and unevenly but it looked perfect after only two coats.

Orly Frisky

Sky blue creme. Not as close to neon as Fresh. This one was a bit frustrating. Three coats, somewhat uneven application, and cuticle drag. 

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Stacy Plowman-Pennock said...

Oh wowzers, that green is fabulous!!

Lucy said...

The green is something I want on my fingernails now! Love it.

The Lacquered Lady said...

These two names combined make a very cheeky combo :-)

greeneyespinknails said...

I have Fresh and can't wait for Spring to wear it again.

beachgal said...

This was a fun threesome set. I really like Frisky - the one not here - a perfect pink.

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