Thursday, December 22, 2011

Illamasqua Load

Illamasqua Load
This was a disappointment. First of all, it's more yellow than I thought it would be (though it isn't as yellow as this photo is). Second, it needs four layers to totally even out, which is really unusual in my experience with Illamasqua. (Not at all atypical of pastels though.) When I showed my SO the polish (and its name), he asked me what possessed the company to want to make a nail polish that color. I didn't know the answer to that.

In the meanwhile, I gouged a frakkin' big chunk of skin on my left index finger while sewing something for my new nephew. (Well, technically, I'm not married to my SO, so his nephew isn't really my nephew... but he kind of is: my SO and I operate as a permanent couple. We just don't care about making it a legal or religious thing.) No NOTDs for me for awhile because the crater in my finger is totally painful and not at all pretty. Luckily, I have a backlog of NOTD photos to post. :)

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sonidlo said...

I have it on my wishlist and I think it´s pretty! I like the yellowness :) The only thing I mind is... 4 coats :(

Ashesela said...

Oh no!! I hope that your finger heals quickly!! :O What a bummer for a nail artist!

Yeah, what a strange idea for Illamasqua. I like how another reviewer said it looked like cream or butter-cream or something like that, so I will try to envision that any time I encounter this polish, lol.

Nicel @ ONI said...

I actually did a double take and had to make sure I read the name right. Then I just laughed. Polish companies make me laugh sometimes with names. Thanks for the swatch!

Lucy said...

Your poor finger! Ouch. Not totally in love with this shade. Enjoy your holidays sweetie.

I Drink Nail Polish said...

Oh noes! (((hugs))) I hope that boo-boo grows out quickly!

This kills my Load lemming. I was hoping for it to be the perfect off-white/cream (no pun intended!). Load looked so sharp next to Boosh in those amazing promo images with the heart nails. I'm still dying to attempt those!

Jenny said...

This is actually one of my favorite polishes but it is a nightmare to apply.

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