Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nails Inc The Wyndham Collection

There are some swatches I wish I could have done better... but I didn't sufficiently like the polish(es) enough to redo them. So I'm just going to post these and pretend like they never happened, OK?

Nails Inc The Wyndham Collection
Teal Black Kensington

The Wyndham topcoat over Teal Black Kensington
I loved The Donmar Collection but The Wyndham Collection pair was a huge disappointment. First of all, the Teal Black Kensington was just sad: it's a dark teal jelly but it does not apply evenly and needs at least three coats to be opaque (which is not desirable for a polish that you want to use as a base layer). Then The Wyndham, though a flakie, is kind of a plain flakie: it goes between dark green and lighter green and that's it. And it takes at least two coats to get any significant amount of flakies onto the nail. So at the end of it, if you want the nicest application, you need six coats of polish. (And that's not including basecoat and topcoat.) Not at all a fan of this duo.

I'm trying to decide if I want to buy any of the OPI Muppets collection. I'm kind of intrigued by Designer the Better and Warm and Fozzie. I kind of want Rainbow Connection, because I love the billions of Happy Birthday-clones. And I'm on the fence on Meep Meep Meep. It's possible I may only want it for its name. Though I have no desire for Wocka Wocka. 

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Grace said...

Get the muppets mini set. They're about $10 on amazon. It totally killed my lemming. I got to try Warm and Fozzie and Designer De Better, got a bonus in Excuse Moi, and it's not like I really needed full sized bottles of any of them.

flinty said...

That's a really great idea! I hadn't thought of that because I generally never buy minis.

Ioana-Ionela said...

That is such a lovely green :) Me like it!

Ashesela said...

The teal black is lovely!!

Lucy said...

I like the teal black. Pretty shade. The flakies weren't so hot. I really would suggest buying some of the Muppet collection. Rainbow Connection is realy wonderful.

aimeeus said...

Ooh i'm in LOVE with the top coat. Can they supply to the UK do you know?

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