Saturday, December 3, 2011

An actual NOTD that I am wearing right now: Orly Fowl Play

Just put this on about an hour ago. I know it's a dupe of OPI Merry Midnight (which I have as well) but I still like it.

Orly Fowl Play

Plummy purple jelly with copper flakies, blue microglitter and subtle silver shimmer. It actually is good to go with two coats but the above shows three. 

Closeup of Fowl Play

A ton of students have come down with pneumonia and my own bout of flu is still killing me after 20 days. I'm constantly dizzy and coughing uncontrollably. Two days ago, health services gave me a corticosteroid nasal spray, an inhaler and some over-the-counter motion sickness pills (an anti-emetic). Took doses of all three. Then six hours later, I took a second anti-emetic pill and I start having an allergic reaction. I went to the emergency room when my throat started to constrict. I suspected it wasn't anything major but it was my first medication allergy, so I figured better safe than sorry, right?  

Over the next three hours, I spoke to seven different people (one receptionist, one triage nurse, one billing department person, three different nurses, and one physician's assistant). It took 2.5 hours for a nurse to get me Benadryl. Ten minutes later, the PA came in and told me to discontinue the anti-emetic AND the corticosteroids, even though 1. I've been treated with corticosteroids before and haven't had an allergic reaction and 2. when people come into the ER with allergic reactions to things, they are often treated with a corticosteroid. He gave me a prescription for a cough suppressant syrup, so I could at least sleep. Five minutes later, a second nurse came in and told me that I should discontinue the anti-emetic but to keep taking the corticosteroids. My SO -- who was seriously agitated by the inefficiency of the ER -- pointed out that her advice contradicted the PA's advice. "Haha, oh, oops. Yeah, discontinue the steroids." 

Then a billing department person charged me $100 for the visit. 

The next day, I found out that the prescribed cough syrup had been discontinued years ago. Brilliant! So, I paid $100 for two Benadryl and for seven people to talk to me for a total of maybe fifteen minutes in the course of three hours. Fun, huh?

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Melissa said...

This is a really beautiful color. I'm hoping to order it soon. So sorry to hear about you being sick and all the frustration you're dealing with! That doesn't sound fun at all. Hope you feel better soon!

Deborah said...

Love the polish! Sorry to hear about your medical condition though, and also about the weird medical care :9. Hope you feel better soon!

greeneyespinknails said...

Oh no, poor you :( I hope you feel better soon. I was in the same condition 2 months ago...the diziness was the worst part.

Lucy said...

Didn't anyone give you a chest x-ray? I should think that would be the next thing to take care of after checking out your allergic reaction. That makes me angry when people are so inept. It's also dangerous! Feel better. I had a bad cold that left me with a really bad cough. I would cough so hard I would get dizzy & almost pass out. The docotr said the cough was causing the dizziness. It was long ago so I don't remember exactly what the reason was for the dizziness. Something like blood not getting to the brain. Gorgeous polish. I have Merry Midnight. I had to go check in my book to see if I had it. Now I just have to find it!

Impoverished by Polish said...

I'm sorry to hear about your experience in the ER. Unfortunately, inefficiency and waiting too long are all too common problems in health care.Doesn't make it any better when you're the one it's happneing to :( Fowl Play looks amazing on you I think it's one of the best colors of they year!

Ashesela said...

Guh, that is so stupid!! I'm sorry to hear that you went through all that crap! I am really glad that your allergic reaction didn't get worse, especially with how ridiculous the doctors were! I hope that you feel better soon!

(P.S., beautiful polish!)

KJ Callaway said...

If you have an allergic reaction to a medication, make sure that you get a prescription for an epi pen and make sure that its not a compound reaction. To put in laymans terms I am allergic to sulfa drugs, but I have a COMPOUND allergy to all sulfas and sulfites so I can't drink wine, or eat dried fruit.

Be careful!

Sia said...

Cool colour

flinty said...

Melissa: Thanks! :) It's definitely a good Merry Midnight surrogate, given that you can get the Orly for a couple of bucks online vs. the OPI for $35 from eBay!

Deborah: I generally don't have too many complaints about my medical care but this was the first time I had ever gone to an ER. It was… definitely an experience… that I do not want to experience again.

greeneyes: Did yours just go away on its own or did you take something that helped?

Lucy: Nope, no chest x-ray. It's probably the next step if things don't buck up soon. Unfortunately, the cough isn't causing my dizziness. It's something having to do with my ears: my vestibular system is really screwed up still from the ear infection and sinus pressure. But I'm seeing some improvement! A couple of days ago, the room would swing back and forth pretty violently (even when I was lying down with my eyes closed). Now, it's just sort of a light bobbing sensation.

Impoverished: My SO has had a lot of really awful things happen to his family in ERs. They've been incredibly inefficient (in terms of processing, in terms of treatment, in terms of getting all the necessary information), so he was flipping out 10x more than I was… me, I was just grumpy. And itchy. And having a miserable time swallowing or talking.

Ashesela: Oh man, I'm glad it didn't get worse too. I didn't think it would but I guess you never know! My SO wouldn't leave me alone in the ER. I tried to shoo him out to buy takeout for dinner or something but he was convinced that if I suddenly stopped breathing, they would not notice. (Ergo, he had to stay. …ergo, no dinner for either of us.)

KJ: Thanks for the warning! This was my first allergic reaction to meds. I really was caught off-guard.

MissDoll said...

Hospitals sucks that's for sure
but I really love your polish and I hope it makes you feel better

yummy411 said...

so sorry! hope you are feeling better!

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