Monday, December 5, 2011

Chanel Peridot (an accidental re-post...)

....OK, only AFTER I posted this, I realized that I had posted it only a little while ago. Though honestly? I'm sort of surprised that I haven't done that before. 

When did this come out? I don't remember when I wore it but I definitely kept it on for a good long time because I was so surprised at how much I liked it.

Chanel Peridot

Unfortunately, it's not as duochrome as it appears in the photos (although there is a duochrome feel to it). It's mostly an ever-shifting combo of emerald green and mossy gold that just loves to sparkle. Three coats. Taken on the... third or fourth day of wear?

Closeup of Peridot

It says a lot about my life that the on-campus people I always like to see and chat with are the women who work at the campus pharmacy. Because they are awesome. And they like nail polish (and sewing)! And they are some of the few on-campus people I've told about this blog. There was a really funny moment last week when I was at the pharmacy for the third time in seven days when one of them said to me, "Did you see X's nail polish??" (She was wearing Nails Inc The Donmar Collection, which I accidentally identified as Wyndham because the light in the pharmacy failed to bring out the gold.) Another student who was standing line to buy something at the pharmacy asked, "What brand is that?" And then it turns out that that student works for China Glaze! ...I think we freaked her out by being super enthused about her working for China Glaze. At the very least, she left the pharmacy in a hurry after we got fangirl on her. Oops.

The women at the pharmacy tell me that I always come in with a smile on, even though half the time I'm there because I'm sick. Of course I've a smile on when I'm there. They give me things to make me feel better! And the conversation is always lighthearted, always casual, always cheerful. What's not to smile about?

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Lindsey R said...

Ah, Peridot! I think Ozotic 507 is a good alternative to this one... but I still kind of want Peridot, lol!

Jacqui said...

These are some of the best pictures I have seen of this polish! Love, love LOVE it!

Olivia Frescura said...

love it, so jealous! my birthstone is a peridot.

ilexica said...

I went gaga over this when you first posted it...never did get round to getting it, though! Very pretty on you :D

Sia said...


Ashesela said...

Sounds like a lovely pharmacy. Haha, I really like how your reacted to the lady working for China Glaze. XD
Chanel Peridot is quite beautiful!

Sirena Sparklestar said...

So amazing!

Anonymous said...

So amazingly awesome! I need this in my life.

ReecesPeeces said...

It has been far too long since I wore this.. Looks amazing on you!

Lucy said...

That was funny going fangirl! I would've asked if she got free samples. It's nice to have someone to discuss & admire nail polish with. Brightens your day. Hope you feel better soon. Peridot is so beautiful. I caved after awhile and bought it. I'm glad I did.

purplegreenpanda said...

LOL!! It was probably a huge shock to the system to be ambushed like that, but she probably had a good laugh with her coworkers after that.

flinty said...

Lindsey R: I have a few Ozotics but I don't have that one… yet.

Jacqui: Thanks! I try my best to get good shots of my NOTDs. :)

Olivia: Then you should treat yourself! Obviously, it's meant to be if your birthstone is peridot.

ilexica: …did I post this one before? Oh SHOOT. I did. I totally forgot. My brain… is dead.

sia: Thanks!

ashesela: I think maybe not freaking out when I meet people like that is probably a good idea though…

siren: thanks!

imfeelingnail: exactly how I feel. :)

reeces: THanks!!

Lucy: Oh, she said she had a huge box of ChG in her room. She goes around to conventions.

purplegreenpanda: She probably just thinks people are out of their mind. Which isn't far from the truth.

ggggg said...

Isn't is amazing how something so small and FREE, like a smile, can make life so wonderful for everyone involved?

The greatest secret weapon a person can have!

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