Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A bit of a valentine - Chanel Distraction

I wasn't expecting to own this polish, but through a series of odd circumstances, I now do.

And I really, really like it! (I now consider it a Valentine's Day present to myself.)

Chanel Distraction...

Part of the aptly-timed and holiday-appropriate Rose Ultimes de Chanel, this is a gorgeous coral polish with fuchsia shimmer. I tried to use a bit of flash to show the shimmer, but I didn't do the best job. I also feel like it looks more pink in the photo - it leans more coral in reality - but the truth is that the colour changes dramatically in different lights.

I adore coral polishes, and with the added shimmer this one seems to have something a little extra going on. The closest polish I have to the base colour is Essie Carousel Coral (see a pic of that next to some other corals here). Here are some swatches to compare:

L-R: Essie Carousel Coral, Chanel Distraction, OPI My Chihuahua Bites

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, I hope each and every one of you gets the chance to do something nice for yourself this month!


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Anonymous said...

A very beautiful color!
I can't wait for the collection to be available in Austria! :)


Taylor McDonnell said...

OMG!! Love this!! i wonder how it compares to the new BL?

Grace said...

That's a very pretty color, and I'm a sucker for a good coral. I'm trying SO hard to hold off on my new spring colors and make the most of my beloved vampies while I can. I'm currently wearing a LPAD pedi with a Teasey Does It mani (and a William Tell me about OPI mani on deck), but the weather is SO beautiful here, it's giving me early spring fever. I think I might need to start doing manis more than twice a week!

Cookie said...

Augh, it's so gorgeous!! I had to go purchase it immediately :( I love corals, and I haven't bought a Chanel in approximately ages haha.

Lucy said...

Gorgeous polish. I own 2 Chanel's. It has to be a very special polish in order for me to spend the money for it. Nice gift for yourself.

beachgal said...

Beautiful! I love corals too...but I won't spend the $ now on Chanel polish - it does not seem to like me - it does not stay on beyond a day - chips or peals off ASAP. Thanks for the trio you showed us on the wheel. I never got Essie Carousel Coral but am going to have to see if I can track it down - it's great. I hope corals get back in the main stream soon...there just are not that many out in the coral/rose tone - more in the coral/orange tones are out there now. If you go to Zoya and pull up only corals there are hardly any. Glad you bought yourself a fun V-day gift you really will appreciate.

Katrin said...

Just wanted to say it's gorgeous :)
and also, do You or anyone reading this know, how close is it to OPI My Address is "Hollywood"? Looks similar on my computer but I know it distorts colours towards more blue...
Thanks in advance and have a great day! :)

kittytokaren said...

@Pat - Hello over there in Austria! Glad you like it :)

@Taylor - I have no idea unfortunately. :(

@Grace - I'm a sucker for corals in polish, lipstick, blush....everything. Ugh. I need to get more wear out of my vampies too. It's been so warm here this winter that it hasn't always felt right to wear darks!

@Cookie - Nice!! I hope you love it too!

@Lucy - Yes, the money is pretty serious with these. I wasn't planning on buying this - it's a long story. But in the end I'm happy I did and I know I'll really enjoy it. But yes, expensive. This is why I don't own many Chanels either.

@beachgal - Carousel Coral is completely lovely - I think you'd really really like it!

@Katrin - I'm so glad you like it! Unfortunately I have no idea how it compares to the OPI....hopefully someone else will know?? Anybody??


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