Sunday, April 29, 2012

Go-to sheer polish of the moment - Essie BBF Best Boyfriend

Essie BBF Best Boyfriend (dumb name) has been my go-to sheer for around the past 9 months or so. Most of my sheer polishes either seem to pale down my nails and give that milky white look, or they are quite pink and make my nails look candy-coated. There is a time and place for those looks, certainly (see some of the OPI NYC Ballet polishes), but I have always wanted a sheer polish that wasn't too pink, not too pale, and this is it! Rather than being super pink, it's more fleshy/mauve, and I think this is the key.

Why am I being so picky? I could just wear a clear polish right? Meh. The bonus of this kind of polish is that it blurs all the yucky parts of my nails and makes everything look more put together. Clear wouldn't hide a darn thing, and I have things to hide! It's like tinted moisturizer I suppose - doesn't cover everything, but the overall picture is much more even.

What's your fav polish for perfecting your natural nails?


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LabMuffin said...

Your nails look great to me! I really, really don't think I could wear anything that sheer, my nails look like they've had a bit too many spins in a gravitron... :(

Alison said...

My go-to sheer will always be Essie Mademoiselle. It's like BBF Boyfriend for you, kinda like tinted moisturiser for me. I tend to wear this 99.99% of the time these days.

Krista said...

Essie It's in the Bag is my go to. I absolutely love that color!

Yogi said...

It looks like my kind of colour. I like essie innocent, dior incognito or chanel rose cache. Seems like the same family.

mgiandzi said...

I love this colour but I also really like OPI's Passion I recently did a blog post on it but yours looks great!

Bethany Taylor said...

Lovely sheer. I agree with you, the name is stupid! Lol!

kittytokaren said...

@LabMuffin - Thank you! Really though this covers more than it seems - my nails are not really that great. They are pretty abused!

@Alison - Mademoiselle is awesome! I think its too cool for me by a little bit (and therefore perfect for you!) so BBF is my Mademoiselle :) <3 <3

@Krista - I love It's in the Bag!! One of my favourites as well :) Thanks for sharing!

@Yogi - Definitely same family! I love that there are still girls out there who like colours like this.

@mglandzi - I've actually never tried Passion! Checking out your post...

@Bethany Taylor - Ugh isn't it just awful? So dumb... c'mon Essie, you can do better!


Leisel said...

I've been using Essie's Sugar Daddy. I have it so I can do French type manis, if I want. I really don't like sheers, though, so I probably won't go exploring farther. Like you, I like that it hides some of the yellowing my nails sometimes have, while looking like I just put clear on.

Sandi said...

Clear only works if your nails are completely free of stains, which mine haven't been in forever. Even when going for the nude look (very rare, which is probably why they're stained so, lol), I need something that covers that

kittytokaren said...

@Leisel - Yeah I know not many are fans of sheers any more. I like them when I feel like I need a break - but I definitely need more than clear!

@Sandi - Ugh I haven't been stain free..ever? They look OK in this pic, but it really is the polish working some magic! Definitely can't do clear.


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