Friday, April 27, 2012

layers of blue: Milani Blue Flash, Revlon Radiant, LA Girls Jostle

I recently went out with some friends to celebrate a friend's birthday -- I knew that her favorite color was blue, so I wanted to do a blue glitter mani. Little did I know I would be running SUPER late and had to do a mani in 10 minutes.

I had to think fast! And saw Milani Blue Flash on a side table and knew I should use it and so I did. It dries really quickly and is opaque enough in a couple of coats, so I'm really glad I picked it! Slap on a couple of coats of NYC Grand Central Station (my favorite topcoat) and we have blue sparkly goodness. Cleanup wasn't a pain, either.

What I originally wanted to do before was a glitter layering mani involving blue, but not quite sure what. I had Revlon Radiant to use but when I tested it out, it didn't show up too well over Milani Blue Flash. Then I saw LA Girls Glitter Addict in Jostle, a dark blue glitter, on the floor (lol)! And an Idea was born!

I did more of a gradient type with Jostle, so about 2 coats, and 1.5 coats of Revlon Radiant (dotting on more of the green/silver bigger glitters) and then dotted Jostle to let more of the dark blue show.

Lots of dabbing with these glitters, lol. But so pretty!

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leester said...

Very pretty! I have a similar mani today, I love it! Love your blog- this is my first time commenting :)

Sasha said...

I have been hearing a lot of about NYC Grand Central Station, so I picked some up last night and hope to try it this weekend. The price is certainly fabulous!

ilexica said...

Ooh, I love the gradient. Hope you had fun!

Bethany Taylor said...

I love all of this blue! So pretty! It's like the ocean!

Skye said...

Such a pretty mani I love blue glitter polishes. I think this would be the type of a mani a mermaid would wear if they existed


minnie said...

@leester -- thank you! please comment more :)

@Sasha -- you're going to love it! it's not as fast as Seche Vite but you can't beat the price and it is fast dry!

@ilexica :) we did, although there was a tiny bit of drama, haha

@Bethany -- thank you! blue glitter is always eye popping and awesome

@Skye -- mermaid manis are a favorite of mine :) mixture of blue and green and teal!!

LabMuffin said...

Oh, shiny shiny! :D I'm in such a blue glitter mood too!

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