Thursday, April 26, 2012

Illamasqua Stance

Finally, pictures of Illamasqua Stance! I've been meaning to take pictures of this one for ages, but I've been waiting for a sunny day to do it justice since it's a neon and I figured my camera would probably throw a fit if I didn't photograph it in 'perfect' light.

I was right! These pictures don't quite show the intensity of the colour - it's a touch more purple and less fuchsia, like an amped up neon grape. It makes me think, for reasons I can't put my fingers on, of 80s neon tubes. I think this is the sort of polish Madonna would have worn. So, with that in mind, I took loads of shots at wonky angles. You're welcome.

Application was really good. I took three coats to get it opaque, although this is actually four, due to some topcoat drama. I know I've been whinging about this at length, but I'm going to whinge some more, so bear with me. I used some of Nails Inc's 45 second topcoat (I got it in a set with their Kensington caviar basecoat, which is amazeballs, and which I credit entirely for my strong nails). Well, maybe 45 seconds if we're talking Jovian years. Half an hour later I went to get dinner out of the oven and ruined all the tips. It actually worked out OK because I put another coat of Stance on over the top, which probably shows you the character of the polish better in any case since it dries ever so slightly satin.

Here it i in the shade - this is slightly more colour accurate but it's still richer in the flesh.

This was sent to me for review, by the way.

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beingpretty said...

Wow!!! This is such an amazing color!!! So pretty! :)

Apple said...

Um freaking WOW! I was hesitant about getting this color because I wasn't sure if it was more purple or pink. Now that I see it on you I can tell it's definitely worth getting! Beautiful!

Criminal Nails said...

It wow'd me :D

The Lacquer Tracker said...

Gorgeous colour! I really want Illamasqua Nomad, but I'm waffling over Stance. Great swatches, too- thanks for sharing!

Bethany Taylor said...

Gosh, this is gorgeous!

Niki said...

i have seen swatches of this color before! i love it!

Elaine said...

REALLY great new color! I love Nomad as well. :-)

ilexica said...

beingpretty - it really is nice, and unusual amongst my stash - I was worried I'd have dupes but nothing close.

Apple - it's really nice - and not similar to collide, either.

Criminal nails - me too :)

Lacquer Tracker - Nomad is glorious! You'll love it if you get it, it's so pretty.

bethany - I agree ;)

Niki - I know, it's well swatched! Neon purples are so hard to get colour accurate, though (although not as bad as blues which drive me crazy).

Elaine - Thanks, I do too! I can't wait to get it, hopefully next month :D

Danny said...

OMG this color is amazing!!

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