Friday, May 11, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favorite Glitter :)

Expecting someone who wears a lot of glitter polishes to answer the question of "which glitter polish is their favorite" is hard! I had to think on it a bit, because I love all glitters! But then KNEW.

It's OPI Crown Me Already! It's a silver glitter with multisized hex glitter, smaller round and fine micro glitters. It builds up nicely. It's a dupe of a Claire's polish that I love (and glad the OPI one was released because I can't find the Claire's polish in stores anymore). I find that a good silver glitter is almost classic for the blingy look, and the fact that this polish has different sized glitters makes it different from the other silver glitters out there.

It's my favorite because it's so bright and blingy... and also because what can be done do it. Which is gradients. I like layering up, gradient style, sheer shimmer or glitter polishes on top of it. I've done it before but did it again for this post.


in the shade

The green is NYX Girls Emerald Forest. It's sort of sheer, but not super sheer -- I used a sponge to make it lighter in the middle and used the brush of the polish itself to make it darker at the ends. I love the look of gradients! There's such depth to it and it's easy to do. Instant nail art :)

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Criminal Nails said...

It's beautiful! :)

I hadn't thought about sponging over a glitter but I might definitely try that sometime...

The Lacquer Tracker said...

I adore Crown Me Already- definitely one of my favourite glitters. I love how you created a gradient look by sponging over it! Great idea.

Janelle Monique said...

Gorgeous! I really need to get this glitter!

yujinyun said...

this is so pretty! dying to try this once my nails grow a little!

minnie said...

Thanks everyone! I love love love this polish so much :D

CharlieDBeauty said...

Wow it really is gorgeous, sort of looks like diamonds on your fingers x :-)

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