Saturday, May 12, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favorite Glitter

Revlon StreetWear FX Flash (Green Version) over a dark creme (I forget which)

Whoa, my nails were long. I've gotten a couple of requests in the last few months about where I get all my StreetWear polishes. It was a place in Midtown Manhattan but the last three times I checked, there were no SWs to be found. Or anything else of much worth. :(

Either way, this is one of my absolute favorite glitters: I'm not a fan of it needing a dark base but otherwise, I just love the green-gold duochrome-y glitteriness of it.

I'm maid of honor in my best friend's wedding today. I don't like Zoya because it doesn't last on me, but I accompanied her to an organic salon (in another state!) for her to get her hair done and all they had was Zoya. So I got Zoya Tru on tips and Zoya Barbie on toes. Both looked prettier in the bottle. If I have time today, I'll post a photo from my iPhone of my tips and toes (in really sparkly silver shoes!!).

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Criminal Nails said...

I must say this glitter is quite unique, I can see why it's your top 1 :)

Lindsey R said...

Oh, that's a really nice glitter! I love seeing swatches of older polishes like this!

Melissa said...

That is one gorgeous glitter! I have a lot of StreetWear polishes but I got them a long time ago.

Lise said...

Awww, I miss Streetwear! Great glitter. I think this is the green/gold duochrome glitter sold at YouMix (aka JDSU's green/gold chromashift glitter) if any of you want to make your own.

Janelle Monique said...

This is soo pretty! More companies need to make glitters like this!

lackynails said...

Oh what a babe this glitter is! And yay, theme week, I just finished one myself and am looking for a new theme. Might just steal your fave glitter theme ;)

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