Monday, May 14, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favourite Nude!

More THEME WEEK action here at Polish or Perish... This week we're getting frisky and sharing our favourite nudes with you! (Ooh la la!) Keep checking back - every day a different PoP blogger will reveal their favourite!


I thought it would be harder for me to pick my favourite nude, since I have and love so many! (I'm even known as the blog 'nudist'...scandalous!) But when I got to thinking about it, there was really only one answer for me - Essie Jazz.

Two coats of creamy, dreamy gorgeousness are all you need of this cafe au lait nude. I really like that it's not too pink-fleshy - those nudes often seem to look wrong on me. (I'm looking at you, OPI Tickle My France-y.) A long-time standby, this is the equivalent of a pair of nude pumps for me - a total classic, goes with everything, and makes my fingers seem longer and more elegant than they really are.

What's not to love?! If you had to pick, what would you say is your favourite nude?


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WildHeart said...

I'm really loving your theme weeks--great idea!

Nudes were my second polish addiction subgroup (purple being the first.) Several years and waaaayyy too many $$$ later, I'm severely addicted (isn't there a better word I can use for this? To me, it trivializes real addictions; NOT cool. I know there's a better term, but I can't think of it of course; it's 7 AM and I haven't finished my coffee yet, so please forgive) to holos, glitterbombs, multichromes and indie polish labels.

Sorry for the rant!
I do love the way nudes elongate my fingers!

Niki said...

i want this color! still looking for a good nude polish!

Indoor Kitty said...

I am love love loving these theme weeks doll! I'm so excited to see what you've got going on. I hope you hit your favorite blues one day. :-D

Oooh the Jazz looks lovely on you! How different is it from Essie Milky Way? I'm guessing it's a bit lighter; what about the undertones.

Shannon-Lee said...

Zoya Pandora is the perfect nude for me. I'm a very white/pink person, and it's just right. I love the theme weeks as well! You are all so different in your choices. Makes it a very interesting read!

Odyssey said...

That's my favourite nude, too!

greeneyespinknails said...

One of my favs too

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful nails! :) How does this lovely polish compare to Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge?

Love the theme weeks by the way!

LabMuffin said...

I love this one! Very tasty-looking.

The Lacquer Tracker said...

Ohh, I do love Essie Jazz. I was wearing it on my toes lately and absolutely LOVED it. Usually I don't go for nudes, but this really is a nice one- kind of taupe leaning and not too fleshy which I love.

Isis04 said...

I love both Essie Jazz and Zoya Pandora. I'm as white as Casper but these both seem to compliment my skin tone, as Jazz does yours. I do love taupes, and nudes and will keep looking and trying them as $$$ permits, of course. Love this series, seriously ;) pun intended.

Rach said...

I love this "favourite nude" series! :)

Jazz looks great on you, and though it took a while to grow on me, it was one of my first Essies and will always be special to me.

Another one of my favorite nudes is OPI Tickle My France-y, but the original formulation/coloring, not the new one.

beachgal said...

Love this one! I never have seen it in swatches or in the stores!

Sandi said...

@ Wildheart. You're right about the addiction thing. A jones maybe? A fetish? Not habit, all the colors add up to a habit. A craving? I dunno.

I think I must be one of the few in the NP habit world that dislikes nudes, intensely even. In 30+ years and with a collection that even with weeding has topped 300 polishes, I don't have a single nude, not one. I have one pale pink that turned out to be too sheer for the purpose I bought it for (although I use it sometimes as a layering base and should really try a sandwich with it, but it's definitely not even a reasonable facsimile of a nude. Just...yuck.

kittytokaren said...

@Wildheart - I'm really glad you're loving theme weeks! We are having a lot of fun seeing what each of the bloggers will pick ourselves! (You are so PC about addiction, but I get it! I like Sandi's word - craving. Perhaps you wil like some of our upcoming theme weeks ;)

@Niki - Sometimes a good nude is hard to find!

@indoorkitty - Hi love! <3 Im glad you're liking theme weeks too! Milky Way is a lot darker and warmer than Jazz..MW has more brown/khaki undertones whereas Jazz has some lavender to it believe it or not!

@Shannon-Lee - Pandora is so pretty! Theme week is definitely fun - especially with different "nudes" since we all have different skin tones - I'm so glad you're liking it!!

@Odyssey - YAY!!! So happy!!

@greeneyespinknails - Aww yay! :)

@h20 - Why thank you! I had Grunge at one point a while back, but I don't have it any more. I think it was darker and pinker? (Not sure, so sorry...)

@LabMuffin - Aww, thanks friend :)

@The Lacquer Tracker - Exactly! You said it better than I did - it's not too fleshy and has a bit of taupe. I've never tried it on my I want to!

@Isis04 - Yay for the super pale! I am super pale as well (obvious probably) and now I'm thinking I should try Pandora! So glad you're liking the series!

@Rach - OMG Tickle My France-y looks horrible on me. Horrific. I tried it when it first came out and it was awful....the new colour will probably be even worse.

@beachgal - Really?? I've never seen anyone else swatch it either but I always see it wherever I go! (Maybe because I love it?) Ulta carries it for sure!

@Sandi - Like that old Kix commercial..."We eat what we like!" np is one of those easy going things where you can wear whatever you like! I'm actually impressed you don't own a single nude! It's funny, I love the colour purple, but dont really wear true purple polishes...and don't own one either!


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