Thursday, May 24, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favorite Holo :)

I remember when Ozotics first started popping up on the NB -- I was amazed and jealous that I couldn't get them easily. Now, you can get them from Ozotics from Llarowe easy peasy but before her, only obtainable through swaps with the land down under. [quick note: the 500 series multichrome/holographic/Elytra and Mish Mash series are being discontinued, so if you want some, hurry and get them!]

One of the ones I wanted the MOST though was Ozotic 518. A RED holo. Yumyum. I got it and then saw someone else post 621. A TRUE RED. I knew that I must have it and got it through another swap.

So pretties. But because I love both, I used both for this holo post. I mean, they are both red and from Ozotic... so it's okay, right? 518 is a linear holo, but more of a strawberry red than a true red. 621 is a scattered holo (which I actually prefer) but a true red. I love holos but prefer scattered holos over linear because I feel they have a bit more "oomph" and sparkle akin to real glitter. In the case of 621, it seems more like a firey glow, hard to capture on camera, sadly!

So here she is, the beauty that is red. 518 is on my ring finger, no top coat. 621 does have top coat, but only because it was matte when it dried. I use Aqua Base as my base, as I do for all holos. :)

in the shade

So, if you are into holos, what do you prefer? Scattered or linear?

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Naz said...

Ooooh, lovely! I'm not big on holos but I love a nice red, and those two are right up my alley

Sia said...

Love the colour x

TikiBarbie said...

Pretty! I like both scattered and linear holos.

FedoraHarp said...

Oddly enough, holo + red never occured to me! I've got to give that a shot now and then. I usually only wear red when I'm in a more dramatic mood, this looks like it would make the right kind of red playful enough to wear more casually.

ilexica said...

Can I just say both?

H said...

Lovely. I think linears tend to look more expensive / special to me, but I like scattereds just as much.

Elaine said...

I just love red! They are both great!

minnie said...

@Naz - I love red, too! I really like both of them a lot :)

@Sia - ty :D

@TikiBarbie - cool! So awesome that there are more holos coming out lately :)

@FedoraHarp - oh really, do go for it! there's a sparkle there that lightens it up :)

@ilexica - :D yes yes, it's all nail polish in the end :D

@H - yeah, linears do look a bit more expensive :D

@Elaine - ty! love red, hope you try it out if you haven't yet!

Michaela said...

Ah love the red. It's very....festive? Maybe cheerful is a better word!

Nikki said...

Which topcoat do you use? I haven't been able to find one that doesn't make the holo "glass shards" disappear. :(

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