Tuesday, May 22, 2012

THEME WEEK - My favourite Holo!

Nfu.oh 65. Massive pic spam ahead.

Would you believe it? It's another blue! I know, I know. This must come as a terrible shock to you all. I really love this one because a) it's blindingly holographic and b) it's such a beautiful shade, which I actually find quite wearable rather than being too OTT. I'm even wearing this to a colloquium today. What my supervisor thinks remains to be seen, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

It is, unsurprisingly, a bit of a pig to apply. It's kind of granular and it can be tricky to get it to even out. I used my usual base coat, then aqua base, then three coats and then top coat. I personally refuse to go without top coat - they chip quick enough as it is, so I can live with it being slightly less holographic if it lasts longer than two days - but if you're worried about this, I find doing a top coat sandwich works well with Nfu.Ohs. Just put an extra coat of polish over your top coat, and it'll last much longer but still retain the super holo finish. I don't actually think the difference is very noticeable either way, but at least that's an option that makes wearing the more fragile holos a little less of a chore.

But ultimately, who cares when a polish is this pretty?

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TikiBarbie said...

So pretty!

Mimi Eatly said...

This is gorgeous! I need it ha :) love the photos xox

The Lacquer Tracker said...

I have NfuOh 65 and I love, love, love it! I don't think I've ever found a more holographic lacquer. Gorgeous!

Elaine said...

You are right..NfuOh really have the best holos! Really amazing!

ilexica said...

They are really good! They're quite expensive over here (17.95 , but I got mine for about £11 a bottle after sales/discounts) but I really do love them. I'd certainly rather have these than a bottle of Chanel.

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