Sunday, June 3, 2012

Magnetic Trend - Nails Inc Trafalgar Square

I'm not usually the first to jump on trend bandwagons, and the magnetic trend was no exception. But better late than never! My coworker (slash super-awesome-nail-polish-and-makeup-wearing-goth-friend) showed up to lab one day with this nail polish on - and it looked incredible! Really suited her style too. I liked it so much I had to stop by Sephora and use the remainder of a gift card to give Nails Inc Trafalgar Square a go!

Aaannnnnddd I kinda love it! It's super cool looking in person - like polished hematite or some other semi-precious stone. The colour is subtle and neutral enough that the finish is the only thing on display, and I quite like that. The magnet makes a very simple stripe pattern, so the effect is stark and eye-catching. The polish itself isn't especially glittery, like some other magnetic options, which I think I prefer as it makes the surface appear extra smooth.

This is one trend I will dip more than one toe into - expect to see a couple more variations from me soon!

Have you tried magnetic polishes? Into it or not?


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Auntie CJ said...

sally hansen has also come out with a line of magnetic polishes. love the colors!

Cathy Lee said...

Like u, I originally don't like magnetic polish. I think they are plain and the design is ugly. But after I tried the Color Club ones, I'm in love! The best thing is that the pattern seems to be in motion while u move ur fingers! U won't be disappointed with the magenta one (Hipnotic).

I haven't tried the Nails Inc. ones, maybe I'll give it a go. Great swatch, as always.

The Lacquer Tracker said...

I adore the magnetic polish trend- I never get tired of the cool effect it gives... and I think you've just created another lemming for me! This is awesome. When you said it looks like polished hematite, you hit the nail on the head. I'll be looking for this at Sephora!

Niki said...

this looks awesome! i have china glaze magnetic nail polish and it doesnt come out quite as nice =/ i must be doing it wrong!

zebra-nails said...

I like this one!

ahhhdri said...

These look so fun! I also like the brown/bronze ones that look like tiger's eye as well.

Anonymous said...

Love Magnetic polish! I have so many I could probably open my own specialist store. The Nails Inc ones, although pricey, are great. I recently bought the fishnet manicure one. Looks great, and the magnet is fantastic. Can't wait to try that on other polishes.

Great post as always, thanks

greeneyespinknails said...

Hmmmmm magnetic polishes. Don't really know what to think of them. I've never tried any but have some sort of weird love/hate relationship with them. Maybe one day I'll give them a shot.

kittytokaren said...

@Auntie CJ - I picked one of those up! Red-y Response...expect on a post on that soon!

@Cathy Lee - Exactly! The whole moving/shifting of the design is so intriguing...

@The Lacquer Tracker - I am surprised how into this trend I am! I think its very neat - and I love the smooth finish. Def check this out at Sephora!

@Niki - I doubt you're doing it wrong! I had a hard time doing it on the nail wheel because they are so rounded - my nails are relatively flat which made it easier.

@zebra nails - I'm glad!

@ahhhdri - Oooo now that sounds brilliant. I'll have to try one of those!

@paintednailsandbakingscales - It was very pricey - would not have tried this without a gift card! I also bought one of the fishnet ones...that will be featuerd soon!

@greeneyespinknails - Exactly how I felt. I was ambivalent/confused about then - then I tried and loved. Not sure I'd love this in colours though, and it is quite a large effect.


Grace said...

Just finally bought my first one - I had some time to kill on a trip, so I wandered into an Ulta and left with a packet of OPI nail strips and a Sally Hansen magnetic polish in a very similar color to this one. I'm looking forward to giving it a try, as soon as I'm off my orange kick.

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