Saturday, June 2, 2012

China Glaze For Audrey

Ah, the famous For Audrey! This reminds me of swimming pools, which is apt, since I've recently taken up swimming again. It's minced my manicures of late (seriously, nothing lasts after two hours in a pool!) but I'm really enjoying it. This was two easy coats and it looked perfect, or at least it did until I bumped my thumb (using a new top coat, still not used to the fact that it's not as fast as SV, keep trying to make tea with wet nails).

I really like the finished product, although I have to say I'm not quite down with it as a cult polish. Apart from the box and the film, I don't think this is *that* special.

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LaurenLovesLacquer said...

No, it's special. Anything Tiffany Blue is amazing.

LaurenLovesLacquer said...

No, it's special. Anything Tiffany Blue is amazing.

Sia said...

Cool colour

Anonymous said...

i gotta agree with the "not that special"--even though robin's egg blue is just about my favorite color in the world, i have a hard time finding creme polishes unique. if it didn't have the sentimental audrey hepburn value (which, i can't deny sentiment being a powerful motivator), it'd be just another creme.

still, it's a beautiful color! and that's what counts in the end, right?

The Lacquer Tracker said...

It's a beautiful polish- not sure it's the most unique, or entirely worth all the hype, but it is a polish I Really Like.

Snowydrops said...

This is too funny - I *just* put this on my fingers right before I logged onto polishorperish. I love this colour for the summer coz it goes so well with turquoise jewelry.

Two Lead Feet said...

Ugh. I love/hate this blog. I love every post and would kill to have more updates from more authors! But I hate that for every 3-4 posts I read, I have to buy at least one new bottle of polish. 'for Audrey' is on its way to me now :)

Thanks for always inspiring!

ilexica said...

Lauren - I desperately wanted to feel that! Especially with my pantone obsession. I guess it just didn't quite do it for me - then again I've only had one Tiffany box in my life, it was a cheap piece, and I bought it myself, so I guess it doesn't have as many happy memories as it does for many people!

Sia - it is nice.

newcoatofpaint (great name!) - I think you're absolutely right. That is completely how I feel about it, but rather more nicely expressed!

Lacquer Tracker - aye, exactly.

Snowydrops - ha, that's awesome! I panicked a bit when I saw this too because I wasn't sure if I'd put it up too early - I'd just scheduled it for early June and hadn't looked into how that tied into the theme weeks. I hope I didn't cut anyone off. I had surgery at the end of last week and my brain is still complete mush from the anaesthesia. (And I still have no nail polish on).

Two lead feet - ha ha! That's lovely feedback :) I hope you enjoy it!

zebra-nails said...

Lovely shade!

Snowydrops said...

My rule is that once June rolls around, it's time to bring out those summer colours that pop! I hope you are recovering well from your surgery.

asdabir said...

heck yea its special. i am not someone who falls for cult or hyped products, but this one is MY FAVOURITE NAILPOLISH PERIOD. This is the ONLY polish that I can say that I will repurchase with one hundred percent confidence!

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