Friday, June 1, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favourite Neon

Ok, so I have a massive thing for corals. Yeah. Bright pink, fluoro barbie hues. It's a bit embarrassing, but hey, it's not the worst skeleton to have in one's closet, right?

I've somehow collected a palette of neon corals, so instead of just swatching one coral creme, I'd swatch a bunch which had "coral" in the name and try to justify why I need (yes, NEED) them all.

L to R:

Kim Nail Polish Miami Coral - This was the first of my corals, so it was obviously justified. I bought it from Cotton On while waiting in the queue, so it was a snap decision. It's a bit too pink though, and dries really slow, and smells like industrial paint.

ulta3 Sunset Coral - I bought this as a less stinky, quicker drying alternative, so obviously justified. This applies beautifully and was $2.50.

Hello Kitty Kawai Coral - I won this in a giveaway so it was basically forced upon me. You can't refuse free nail polish, especially in your favourite summer shade and from a brand you haven't tried yet. Justified.

Max Factor Diva Coral - Bought this in a sale for $0.50. Name brand polish for under $1 is always justified. Sample-sized bottles are always justified. DOUBLE WHAMMY JUSTIFIED.

Forefinger to pinky: Miami, Sunset, Kawai, Diva. For some reason, in the sun they actually all look different, and I think this could almost pass as an ombre mani. But in the shade, it's just a bit embarrassing how similar they all are.

OK, if you held a gun to my head and made me choose one, I'd probably go for ulta3 Sunset Coral (middle finger) - it's neon enough to be strictly summery, but orange enough to not be completely girly. But since that's never going to happen, they're ALL MINE. FOREVER. Yes. Ha. I win! The, uh, coral-collecting race. Yes. :\

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Lola B. said...

They all look great! I'm a fellow coral lover - you can never have too many corals. :)

Sasha said...

I am so into coral right now! That is a great shade for you skintone- they all four look gorgeous on you.

Faith J. said...

Ha ha coral is my fave too!

I have OPI Ecudorable Coral, Borghese Capri, Sally Hansen Something New, and Cult Nails Scandalous (orange-coral).

Anonymous said...

every and any purchase of coral polish is instantly and automatically justified, end of story. it's the ultimate color.

(and i personally love the subtle gradation in the shade pic vs the obvious gradation in the sun! it's like the difference between "oh, nice ombre" and "wait. did i just? no, they're the same. but. wait, no. are they? i can't. TELL ME. TELL ME WHAT YOUR NAILS ARE," at which point you tell them "oh no, they're all the same color." don't underestimate the ability to gaslight people with very subtly different shades!)

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