Sunday, June 24, 2012

More magnetic - Sally Hansen Red-y Response

Add ImageI so enjoyed my little foray into the magnetic trend with Nails Inc Trafalgar Square, that I couldn't resist picking up one of the new Sally Hansen magnetic polishes! I tried Red-y Response - a warm plum pink/purple.

I have to say it. These are total copies of the Nails Inc - the bottle is the same, the cap is the same...and well, the formula is very similar as well! The price is very different, so I'm definitely not complaining. Unlike another Nails Inc I've tried (which you will see soon), Trafalgar Square and this Sally Hansen are both extremely smooth polishes, and the magnet works beautifully on them to create a design.

I'm still quite enamored with this trend - and because of the great price on these Sally Hansen magnetic polishes, I'm considering picking up another colour! Perhaps a copper/brown to look like tiger's eye?


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WillaDodge said...

They look exactly like the Color Club magnets and they are the same price as the CC ones! Wonder if they were made by the same company or something? I love my CC ones. The variety of colors in magnetics seems to be pretty small across all brands though.

Grace said...

I have the graphite one, and even my husband had to admit it was cool. This one shows the design really well.

beachgal said...

I guess maybe I will try this SH one. I had another brand and it just did not do it's thing well. I keep wondering why all the magnetics tend to be the same shades no matter the brand? It has to be something with some pigments work for this and others don't. Will have to look see if my Rite Aide has this SH line in or not.

LuckyLoveNails said...

I've been wanting to try our magnetic polishes. Though we don't have sally hansen and other "known" brands here.

kittytokaren said...

@WillaDodge - And they all look exactly like Nails Inc! LOL! Probably all the packaging is from the same company. I agree about beachgal says, it's probably something about the pigments that will work.

@Grace - I've noticed that men seem to like this! The guys in my lab wanted to stare at it.

@beachgal - I'm pretty imprssed with this one honestly - just as good as the Nails Inc and the effect is nice and strong!

@LuckyLoveNails - Never fear, I'm sure brands by you will start carrying magnetics - everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon!


nailcareASKlisa said...

I have never tried a magnet yet, but your mani looks great. It leaves a nice effect on the nails. Well done!

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