Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nail Art: freehand chevrons :)

I don't wear cremes by themselves that often because they don't keep my attention like glitter does. I love cremes on other people but I need a bit more "pizzazz" for my own nails... but I was going through my polishes that I had received recently and saw a few Zoyas that looked so good next to each other and I wanted to incorporate them somehow. Dots? A gradient? Or some kind of line nail art?

And then chevrons came to mind :)

The colors:
light green: Zoya Tracie
gray: Zoya Carey
orange: Zoya Arizona
teal: Essence Bella

The only color I had a little trouble with (because it wasn't as opaque) was Zoya Arizona but a couple of coats fixed that. I love how the colors work out together and happy how steady it came out for a freehand attempt! It really is easy :) I'm going to have to do something like this for all my cremes, haha. I actually ordered some striping tape from ebay, so expect some manicures using that coming up :D

Have you tried a chevron manicure? If not, try it freehand, it's really easy! My tips are to have your hand on a surface and just move the polish across the nail, and to use opaque polishes. Also be patient between layers! Good luck!

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keijtieloves said...

look great :)

aimeeus said...

This is really cool! And to freehand it.. wow!

Fashion Footing said...


KarenD said...

Impressive--so neatly done!

beachgal said...

Really impressed at your clean freehand here - not sure how anyone would do a chevron like this unless it's freehand however. Unlike you, I think I tend to wear more cream finishes than any others...though I like shimmers a lot and foil shimmers. Glitter is my least fav as I get super tired looking at it after less than 24 hrs - and of course as everyone laments - hate to work and work to get the glitters off.

nailartistacky said...

Wow, I can't believe that's freehand! Impressive!

Cajka said...

It looks great and I love your choice of colours. So summery and youthful.

Melissa said...

If it wasn't because of the title of your post, I wouldn't know these were done freehand! You did an amazing job. The colors are great together.

A Girl and Her Polish said...

This looks great!! The colors that you picked look amazing together! Love it! :)

chichicho chichicho said...

I tried doing this free hand > <
I just couldn't do it > <

but you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

minnie said...

@keijtieloves - thank you!

@aimeeus - thank you, and it's super easy!

@Fashion Footing - thank you :)

@KarenD - it did take a little while longer than I had hoped but the end result was worth it!

@beachgal - thank you! I think it's because one could potentially use tape to make the shapes :) it'd be more work, though! and foil method saves me for glitter removal, haha... and I like the sparkle/distraction! But I'm starting to like cremes more :) that's what I started out loving!

@nailartistacky -- haha, thank you! I hope you try it!

@Cajka - thank you, I loved how the colors looked next to each other, glad I could incorporate them somehow!

@Melissa - thank you :) try it!!

@A Girl and Her Polish -- thank you :D Every once in a while my inspiration works out haha

@chichicho chichicho - oh no! Did you use opaque cremes? Here's a tutorial that I found helpful:

ilexica said...

I absolutely love this idea - so cool!

FedoraHarp said...

Super late comment is super late, but I'm totally trying this idea next! I haven't done nail art in ages, this would be a good way to come back swinging :D

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