Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OPI Dim Sum Plum

This one was my mother's choice. I do like it, but I rarely reach for pinks, so it was a nice surprise to have this selected for me. My mum was recently staying with me to fetch and carry while I recovered from some minor surgery - I'm fine, but being stuck on the sofa with lingering anaesthetic in my system drives me BONKERS so it's a good job I had her around. <3 my mum!

After I'd worked my way through an entire Flight of the Conchords boxset I was feeling rather fidgety so she picked this out of my polish case and instructed me to paint my nails ('and SIT DOWN!') since I'd had to go bare nailed for my hospital trip. She chose this because it made her feel bright and cheery. I concur - it is rather nice!

It's a very easy two coater and it dries quickly. I'd describe it as a plummy fuchsia (it's also a very close cousin of Illamasqua Grab). This is also a good 'un because it features seche vite. I invested in a gigantic bottle of seche restore and went to work combining three dried up bottles, one of which was *so* dried up that it had congealed vertically up the side of the bottle. Lovely, I know. Anyway, the seche restore fixed them all right up! Hurray!

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Sasha said...

Seche Restore is the best- I just ordered a new bottle. I love that color- I used it as a pedi last summer and loved it.

beachgal said...

Dim Sum is really super close to another OPI classic shade of I Ate Berries In the Canaries. I tend to like Berries better - it's more fuchsia leaning but only by a tish over the pink in Dim Sum. Continue your well recovery from your little procedure. I have another biggie surg coming my way first of Aug. Hopefully they won't keep me stashed in an outpatient facility for 2.5 months like last time before releasing me to go home hundreds of miles away.

zebra-nails said...

Very nice shade!

Jammies said...

Mums are awesome! I'm glad you're recuperating well, and this is a lovely shade on you. :)

Ami said...

OMG.. you have BEAUTIFUL nails. I am so jealous! This color is great, I have it too but I think it looks better on you.

Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

This shade looks amazing on your nails <3
Hope you recover soon ;-)

ilexica said...

Sasha- - it is so amazing! I was really surprised that it's so effective.

Beachgal - oh no, I hope it goes well. I can't imagine being cooped up for that long! Best wishes to you, I'll miss your comments while you're recuperating :)

zebra-nails - It is!

Jammies - mums are the absolute best. I am so lucky to have such a great mother (who, in addition to being brilliant around the house, has a DClinPsych, and two MScs so I've never had to look very far for inspiration).

Ami - thank you! They come from my mum ;)

Aly - thanks a lot for the kind words :D

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