Monday, July 2, 2012

Chanel Comparisons - Diwali, Frenzy, Suspicious

I recently got some fabulous nail mail - a bunch of new Chanel polishes!! I ordered all three of the Fall 2012 Les Essentiells de Chanel polishes - Vertigo, Frenzy, and Suspicious. I also received Diwali from the Bombay Express de Chanel collection as a gift from an incredible friend! (She knows I'm a sucker for golds...)

I don't have any mani pics for you yet, but I wanted to share some nail wheel comparisons for you. I know Chanel polishes are pricey, and I found some alternatives that are not so close, semi close and super close!

Chanel Diwali

Diwali is a gorgeous neutral gold. Of all my golds, only OPI Glitzerland was similar in colour - and it really is quite similar. Where they differ is the finish - Diwali is smoother and somehow more refined, whereas Glitzerland is well...glitzier. If you're not gold-obsessed, I'd say Glitzerland is a great alternative to Diwali! (And that's a little sneak peek of Vertigo to the right of the gold swatches there...)

L - OPI Glitzerland; R - Chanel Diwali

Chanel Frenzy

So I'm rather in love with Frenzy, as it is in the same neighbourhood as my beloved Essie Jazz - my favourite nude of all time. Not dupes at all, but they are definitely good friends. Frenzy (Sorry for the nick in it! I got overly excited...) is cooler/greyer than Jazz, and also has a little more pink/lavender to it. This might have looked terrible on me, a la OPI Tickle My France-y, but when I tried it on one of my nails quickly, it was perfect. It's more grey and less pink than it appears the photos in reality. Really nice formula too.

L - Chanel Frenzy; R - Essie Jazz

Chanel Suspicious

Not that long ago, I declared Essie Plumberry to be my new signature polish. Looks like Unkle Karl and I had a similar brainwave or something, because Plumberry IS Suspicious. Love. I have seriously looked in all the kinds of light I can, and I really can't see a difference. Unfortunately in the first photo they may look a little different because the light is catching the right swatch more. But they really are dupes, which the second photo (taken with flash - really shows undertones well) demonstrates nicely. To see a more colour-accurate picture, check out my Plumberry post. If you like the looks of Suspicious, get thee to Target and pick up Plumberry. (Unless you simply *MUST* have the Chanel - far be it from me to judge!)

L - Chanel Suspicious; R - Essie Plumberry

Whew! I hope this was helpful to someone, or at least mildly interesting! I had a lot of fun unboxing my new pretties. Suspicious is going back, but everything else is going to live here with me. You will definitely be seeing manicures with all of these, as well as Vertigo, in the not-too-distant future!

Have you received/bought any new polishes lately?


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scReamViolenc3 said...

I wasn't super interested in Plumberry before.. But now that I see it's a Chanel dupe, my brain is all "BUY ALL THE DUPES". XD

KarenD said...

Thanks for the comparisons! I'm thinking I can skip all three; for the money I can live with the "close enough" ones in my stash.

Caitlin said...

Those are really similar! love comparison posts!

hermetic said...

Excellent comparison post, very useful, thanks!

MissAdelinne said...

The OPI golden one is so beautiful!

Missadelinne's Fanpage

Dolci Fusa said...

Thank you sooo much!

Yuricon_PR said...

if you have it, do you think Recherche from RBL is similar to Vertigo?

kindlebot said...

Personally, I'm waiting for the OPI Germany collection. It comes out August 8th, and around 5-7 of them are calling my name. German-icure by OPI, Don't Pretzel my buttons, Don't you want me baby, Unfor-Greta-bly Blue, Danke-shiny red and Nein!Nein!Nein! Ok Fine! are the ones calling loudest.

I also like the Essie metallics blue rhapsody and Penny Talk. I'm waiting for those.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comparisons, my budget is thanking you!

kittytokaren said...

@screamviolence - I know right!? Isn't that crazy how that works?? But Plumberry is amazing.

@KarenD - You're super welcome -that's why I did this post!

@Caitlin - Glad to hear it - I will do more in the future then. :)

@hermetic - You're very welcome, glad to help!

@MissAdelinne - Glitzerland is phenomenal - looks kind of unassuming in the bottle, but on the nail it is just breathtaking!

@Dolci Fusa - Very welcome!

@Yuricon - I don't have Recherche, but I gather that is kind of purple in the base - Vertigo really isn't purple. It's a warm grey.

@kindlebot - I have not gotten excited about OPI Germany yet...I don't feel the tingle! I'm curious about seeing a couple in person before I decide completely though! I have a couple Essie metallics - hopefully that post will go up soon!

@LabMuffin - Haha so glad I could help friend!


scReamViolenc3 said...

I can't wait to see the Essie metallics! I still haven't seen Opi Germany yet D:.

Polished Pinay said...

Very helpful post! Will definitely pick up Plumberry and skip Suspicious!

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