Friday, July 13, 2012

Lynnderella: Change

Despite all the drama surrounding Lynnderella, one must admit, if you are into glitter, that she makes some beautiful polishes. I have a lot of Lynns, probably won't be able to acquire anymore, though, sadly.

A manicure that I loved a lot is a polish that I actually didn't buy first time around. I changed my mind and got it in another order (a long time ago) and so glad I did. It's Change.

China Glaze: Blonde Bombshell
For the base, I use China Glaze: Blonde Bombshell. A very very pretty and sparkly gold glitter, I loved it a lot on its own!

Incredibly sparkly!

Here it is matted. I love the random green and red glitters (you can see on ring finger). It adds a little something that's different.

Any polishes that you passed up the first time around, purchased, and then loved way more than you thought you would?

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DailyVarnishKatie said...

With the matte top coat it looks like buried treasure! Stunning.

Try It With Carmella said...

totally love this

DSK Steph said...

Change is the perfect name for the Lynderella polish!

beachgal said...

I only managed to get my hands on 2 Lynderellas. There were many I admired from afar. I really love one called Snow Angel.

Anonymous said...

Blonde Bombshell is gorgeous on its own, but with Change on top it's so much warmer and richer! A great combination. To me, the matte looks like fish scales when koi swim through water, so gorgeous.

minnie said...

@DailyVarnishKate -- I like matting glitters because it makes it look totally different! Totally does look like buried treasure :)

@Carmella - thanks!!

@Steph - yeah, so shiny!! like new coins :)

@beachgal -- oh yeah, Snow Angel was my first Lynnderella I ever wanted was Snow Angel -- I even dreamed about it! When it became available, it was one of the first ones I got!

@Hannah -- I agree! it went well together, I hesitated at first because I wasn't sure what would look good below Change, but I found a polish that looked almost better on its own!

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