Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grey glitter - Models Own Juicy Jules

I never know if it is Models Own or Models' Own. Or even Model's Own. I'm turning into the people who write into Pedants/Pedants'/Pedant's Corner in Private Eye.

Anyway, this is one coat of Juicy Jules over one coat of Illamasqua DWS. Opaque, sparkly, easy to apply and quick drying - what's not to like? DWS you've seen before - it's a great basic grey with a hint of blue. It took me ages to find Juicy Jules since it's always out of stock at Boots, but I was putting in an order for Lab Muffin - we're doing a swap, coming soon to a blog near you! - and using the 'two for you, one for me' principle I threw this in the basket as well.

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TikiBarbie said...

Very cool!

Melissa said...

Beautiful glitter! I really like it over the gray.

LabMuffin said...

It's gorgeous over grey! I put together your package with a 1:1 you/me ratio :\ Definitely stocked up for No-Buy July, which kind of defeats the purpose but w/e, shiny digits yay!

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