Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lynnderella: Connect the Dots

Here it is, the polish that started the craze. Or almost. I remember seeing swatches of this very elusive polish on the nail board before Lynnderellas were nigh impossible to obtain (well, they're hard to get now, too, haha) but I wish and dreamed about this polish (and Snow Angel, which I do own now but ironically have never worn). Just the mix of white and black and the different glitter shapes -- it was perfect.

Now there are lots of copy cat polishes and I do own a few of them myself but this is the Original, and amazing.

You can see the hidden shimmer that it has on the huuuuge hex glitter on my pointer finger. It also looks like it's not laying flat because I messed around with it too much trying to place it, lol. Always a favorite when I wear it :)

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beachgal said...

This one surely did start this phase of polish craze for what now has gone into beyond over-drive. I managed to do without this one since Lynderealla was and is impossible to get hold of then - and now, I just won't deal with all the hype. But still I can really appreciate looking still at this one. If I had it, I would wear it.

Anonymous said...

Perfeita combinação amei a cor, bjus!
Querida se puder vota nessa minha enquete

polishloving said...

Still gorgeous :) Always reminded me of Oreos

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