Saturday, July 28, 2012

One More Magnetic - Nails Inc Piccadilly

As promised, here is another magnetic polish! This one is from Nails Inc and instead of the typical 'wavy line' type of magnetic pattern, the magnet sold with this one makes a fishnet design!

Nails Inc Piccadilly

What I like is that the different magnets can be used with any magnetic polish - so let's say one day I'm feeling the colour and finish of Nails Inc Trafalgar Square, I can use this magnet to give it the fishnet pattern! Which I did one day and totally forgot to snap a pic. Doh.

That being said, I DO love this colour. It's somewhere between olive and gold. (NB: If you're into makeup, it reminds me of the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow called Bronze Divine. And it is divine!) I actually like this polish alone without magnetic effect perhaps more than with the magnetic effect. It's rather sparkly and therefore has a chunkier texture than the other magnetics I've tried (here and here) which makes the design less obvious and in a way, messier.

I think that's probably it for me with magnetics! I do love the three that I have, but I think I'm set for this trend. Do you own any magnetic effect polishes? Love/hate?


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Anne said...

I love the fishnet pattern - even more than the polish :-)

Julie Vernie said...

I need one of those fishnet magnets :-)

Vedrana Brankovic said...

Pretty polish, but I like the magnet pattern better than the polish colour.
I love magnetic polishes and different designs one can get with them. I have eight magnetic polishes and I'm for two more to arrive. I'm going to buy the new China Glaze magnet, but I don't think I'll be buying more magnetic polishes.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the fishnet, it's so much more vibrant than the standard stripe or wave. Will have to pick this one up for myself!

kittytokaren said...

@Anne - The fishnet is cool! I think it looks even better with the smoother magnetic polishes.

@Julie - It's pretty neat! I hope other companies come out with it (for cheaper).

@Vedrana - You and Anne think alike! I think I'm done with my magnetic collection as well.

@leslielovesnails - It got A LOT of compliments from guys - they thought it was awesome! LOL!


The Lacquered Lady said...

I too am a bit over this trend. I think it is really neat, but the market must be close to saturation. I really like the unique fishnet design. Apparently China Glaze is coming out with another magnetic collection with some unique magnets. I am surprised at how strong this trend seems to be going.

The Lacquer Tracker said...

I have this one- the magnet really disappointed me, though. Maybe my nails are too curved, but it just would't take. I love the colour, though! And it does make me think of L'oreal Infallible Bronze Divine- good comparison!

J. Green said...

I, too, have this color and just put it on last night. I love the magnet pattern but was disappointed with the polish itself. Like Lacquer Tracker at first I thought it was my nail curve, but now I think it's the chunkiness of the polish that made it harder to use. I'll be using the magnet on other magnetic colors instead.

Nicole said...

can I ask how on EARTH you managed to get this magnet to work? I bought the green one after seeing your amazing swatches, and after trying it on all 8+ magnetic polishes I have, I can't make any of them show up AT ALL. the only time i got close was a faint pattern, but it was so close it bumped my nail.

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