Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiger's Eye - OPI Black Spotted

Yes, I managed to get my hands on the elusive OPI Black Spotted! I'm sure you've seen some (or too many) swatches of this, but I'm still going to share mine. This was my first attempt using Black Spotted, and I learned a couple things while playing on a nail wheel:

a.) Apply thin, almost non-existant coats or you won't see much of the effect.
b.) You can go over what you've already done, unlike Shatter.
c.) The more you go over it, the smaller the spots will be.
d.) The manicure underneath has to be SUPER DRY or else you get cracking.

That's all. I could seriously use some more pointers - this thing is NOT the easiest in the world to work with. Here I put it over one of my favourites - Barry M Copper.

I think the result looks kind of like Tiger's Eye stone! I think it looks pretty neat. After a bit of nail wheel experimentation, I think I like this over metallics best, but I can't wait for the winter to wear this over shimmery vampy colours! I think the effect is more subtle over darker colours, and honestly quite unique, but in a refined artsy way - like watercolour on top of oil pastel.

Have you tried Spotted? Any tips for me? (And do you think this is coming to the US eventually?)


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Frosso said...

This looks awesome over copper! I really really really hope they release it in the US and SOON. I"d be so annoyed if they just keep releasing more shatters. No one wants anymore shatters! Gimme spotted!!!

keijtieloves said...

it looks great :)

LabMuffin said...

Oh my, this is amazing! :)

scReamViolenc3 said...

I'm so jelly! I feel like writing to Opi and telling them they need to release Spotted here! Gorgeous!

Lynn said...

So pretty! I love it over copper!

Grace said...

That looks gorgeous!

LauraSummer said...

Gorgeous! I totally prefer this to Crackle polish x

Tintin said...

Damn I need to get the Black Spotted one day

Piff said...

Was it worth the effort to acquire it? What's the "most value" polish you would swap this for?

kittytokaren said...

@Frosso - I've heard reports that they won't ever release it. :( I hope that's not true!

@keijtieloves - thanks!

@LabMuffin - Yay! Glad you like!

@screamviolence - Do it - I think quite a few people have and one more might push them over the edge!

@Lynn - Thank you!

@Grace - Thanks buddy :)

@LauraSummer - Me too -it's less messy looking than the crackle somehow...

@Tintin - I really hope it comes out here so more people can get their hands on it

@Piff - Worth the effort, yes. I dunno about swap value...at the moment I'm not considering swapping it, and there is no polish I really want right now, so Im not sure how to define it. I'm not a $ for $ swapper anyways.


natalsie said...

I haven't even heard of this!!! what collection is this from? Looks amazing!

beachgal said...

Lucky, Lucky you to have got your hands on this lovely...I adore how it looks over gold - like the most exquisite gold leafing. Great job!

ahhhdri said...

ugh, I'm loving this polish so much! I hope it gets released. Love how you paired copper with it!

kittytokaren said...

@natalsie - It's a France-only exclusive and they launched it as part of the Spiderman collection! Apparently there is something up with the ingredients, so they can't sell it anywhere else yet.

@beachgal - Yes! I tried it on a wheel over Glitzerland and it looks amazing!

@ahhhdri - Fingers crossed that they release it here! And thanks :)


cloudsofbeth said...

I read a letter from OPI posted on another blogger's site (can't remember which blog) that Black Spotted wouldn't be released in the US due to patent issues. Total bummer.

kittytokaren said...

@cloudsofbeth - Yeah, I read that one too. I am holding out a bit of hope still, because I think that patent issues have the potential to be resolved!


Sarah said...

I love it! I didn't expect it to be that different from shatter polishes, so I'm really impressed.

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

Oh this is quite awesome!

gin shivers said...

Tnx ur advice realy helped me when i finally got this polish :)

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