Monday, August 20, 2012

Rimmel Misty Jade + glitter gradient

I swatched this a while ago but it's been languishing at the back of my photos folder, because winter is no time for pastels. But it's warming up just a tad here, and spring is finally around the corner... Rimmel Misty Jade, 2 coats with Seche Vite:

Misty? No. Jade? Well it depends what light it's in! I've never seen a creme change so much depending on whether it's wet or dry, or what topcoat it's under, or what time of day it is. Weird!

I did a gold glitter gradient on top of it a while ago by coaxing Essence Make It Golden on top with a cotton bud, here's the result:

I think it's a really nice shade to have, and quells the For Audrey urges somewhat... if only it'd stay one consistent colour!

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Kelly @ Nails for the Sake of Sanity said...

Winter?? Where do you live? It's summer here! Anyway, this is a gorgeous color, and the gold glitter really makes it pop! Reminds me of the beach.

Lawless Lacquer said...

I love this look! So pretty!

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

Love the combo with the gold!

Krissy said...

Thats such a gorgeous colour, and even prettier with the gold ontop! Love it.

Shelby's Swatches said...

I really like this combo! I wish we had those Rimmels here in the states!

Vicky the Nail Artiste said...

I love the blue and gold combination! By the pictures, it seems a tad brighter than For Audrey. Very pretty.

FedoraHarp said...

Oooh I have that essence polish! I find it a little difficult to use because it's pretty thick, and I have to use quite a few coats to get that density of glitter. Did it cause you any problems?

Unknown said...

That's such a nice shade!

Unknown said...

Every time I see a golden glitter gradient I can't help but think...golden showers. Thanks to you lol.

Unknown said...

@Kelly - Australia! It's started to warm up a bit though, I wore shorts yesterday and today :)

@Lynn - Thanks! :) I'e worn it a bit too many times though, trying to move away from gold glitter gradients now... it's hard though!

@Deborah - Gold and teal are great together, aren't they? :)

@Krissy - I was so close to not buying it... so glad I did! :)

@Shelby - :O You don't have Rimmel? I feel like I have something to offer US swappers now! :D

@The Nail Artiste - Possibly... I need to wear this to the CG store to check!

@FedoraHarp - I applied it using a cotton swab - the cotton absorbs some of the goopy base :)

@Em - It really is! I'm liking it more every time I wear it.

@sandipalien - I was hoping someone would mention that! I'm so proud :)

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