Friday, August 31, 2012

Wet n Wild The Crown Is Mine... or not

Wet n Wild The Crown Is Mine was part of the Coloricon Be Jeweled collection released earlier this year. It's a duochrome foily microglitter with larger multicoloured glitter interspersed in it, much like the China Glaze Prismatic collection - in fact, a lot of them are dupes. I loved other people's swatches, but on my nails? 3 coats over black:

You guessed it... Too. Freaking. Glitzy. I am so not a proper glitter person, I couldn't wait to get it off. The Crown Is Mine is a purple to green-gold multichrome, and even though I'm a duochrome addict, I'd gotten rid of it before capturing the duochrome.

I won 4 of this collection in a giveaway, and I'm determined to love at least one of them. These are sheerer than the China Glazes, and apparently you can do a pretty good approximation of galaxy nails using just one coat, so I'm planning to try that. In a sec. After I've recovered from the SHINE IN MY EYES.

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PrncessSarah02 said...

I will sooooo take it off your hands!! hahaha

Carina M said...

Have to say that I, too, am not a glitter fan. I get it why people love it, but I'm not breaking down any doors to always get them.

lollyflower said...

what an original nail polish, it looks really different :)

Laura MyNewestAddiction said...

Oh wow! That is gorgeous.... I have been passing right by the display...ok.. running by it. I don't wanna buy more nail polish right now... I feel guilty haha :D

Lacquer Lockdown said...

Aww I'm sorry you don't like it! I think it'd look really perfect though as a base for nail art or french tips or a gradient. Sometimes you just have to play with a polish to love it kwim?

scReamViolenc3 said...

I have most of the Prismatics collection and, to me, the bejeweled collection is too similar yet not stunning enough to justify the hunt or owning both.

ggggg said...

I have been looking for this collection since it came out and none of the stores near me had it. I am so jealous of you.

Although I really love the look, I would not wear it that way, either.

What you can do to make it more loveable is put one or two coats over a color. It's not so blingy but still gives you a bit of the bling and makes it just beautiful and very wearable.

By the way, I'll be glad to take the ones you don't want since I am exhausted from trying to find them and I do truly love them!

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