Thursday, August 30, 2012

Illamasqua Prism and GOSH glitter

I've had an obsession with ethereal shades lately. Summer has finally turned up but even so we've had storms and drizzle and my usual sunny neons haven't felt quite right. I'd been wanting Prism for ages and when it came up in the sale along with Harsh, Scorch (also shades I'd earmarked) and a base coat for £15 I had to have it.

Really pleased I snagged it - isn't it pretty? I think this was two coats with a sandwich of GOSH glitter (562, Magic Star) which is a transparent prismatic glitter. Reminds me of tinsel/ I've seen people swatch Prism with four coats to make the duochrome more obvious, so I'll definitely try that next time.

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Little Miss Nailpolish said...

That's really lovely!!
How alike are Prism to Illamasquas Hemlock?

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