Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Robot Nails! - Barry M Silvery Lilac

I really wish Barry M was available in the US. It's a lovely little brand that puts out great colours at an excellent price point. At the moment, I turn to the bay of Evil for my Barry M fix, but I just wanted to put it out there!

This is Silvery Lilac - reminds me quite a bit of OPI Not Like the Movies, but for some reason I like this version better.

Silvery Lilac is another polish that reminds me of "robot nails" but it has a healthy dose of sparkle in it. I definitely have to be in the mood for this kind of polish, but when I am, this hits the spot nicely. I also think it would look pretty fabulous under OPI Black Spotted!

Have you tried Barry M polishes? What do you think?


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Cathy Lee said...

Soooooooo pretty! I wish I have this in Hong Kong too...... Great swatch, as always!

jaljen said...

Barry M is a good, reliable and CHEAP brand. We don't have many here in the UK. I must get this shade.

beachgal said...

Really pretty - a more sparkly version of OPI Not Like The Movies (a great shade if ya don't have it folks). I also wish Barry M was available in the US other than off on with a couple sellers on line. I need a good friend in UK to swap with! The few Barry M's I have, I love all of them.

Tintin said...

That is gorgeous

Vita said...

I just totally lurrve this shade!

The Lacquer Tracker said...

I love Barry M polishes! I have three of them: Berry Ice Cream, Mushroom, and Spring Green... I adore them all! Wish they were easier to get in North America. And I'm digging your "robot nails"!

ilexica said...

Just to say, K2K and beachgal, if you ever need a Barry M mule they're £3 here and I'd be happy to pick up any that you're after. ;)

kittytokaren said...

@Cathy Lee - I think Barry M should expand worldwide!

@jaljen - It's definitely a UK gem of a brand!

@beachgal - Exactly - like NLTM but with more sparkle! I need more of them too...I wish I could see them in person to pick out colours.

@Tintin - thank you!

@Vita - Aww me too :)

@The Lacquer Tracker - Berry Ice Cream always looks so nice....and thank you!

@ilexica - I am probably going to take you up on that in the not-so-distant future! Thanks friend!


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