Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Borghese Stellare Notte

I came across Borghese Stellare Notte one Thursday night at Chemist Warehouse, a discount pharmacy chain. A massively leaky lip gloss had coated all the polishes in the tub with a sickly sweet pink goo reminiscent of the goo in the Matrix human battery farm pods, but I grabbed two bottles of this anyway. Duo/multichrome addict, hello! As per usual with multichromes, I've taken way too many pictures:

Fitting, this polish is actually quite like the colour scheme inside the Matrix - in most lights it shows up as teal-tinted charcoal, with purple-tinted black playing around the edges, if you try you can also see a golden brown at extreme angles. It's a very sophisticated, understated, noir kind of multichrome, the kind of thing that a non-polish fiend (i.e. "civilian") wouldn't pick as a duochrome. It's the kind of colour you'd expect a sexy guitar or secret agent car to be.

Range-of-colour shots:

The boyfriend approves of the un-obvious shimmer, but deemed it too camp for his own nails. One day I'll convince him to let me manicure him!

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Tintin said...

That is a stunner

beachgal said...

Pretty. They pulled Borghese out of the Rite Aides/CVS stores a while ago - my Rite Aid for a super limited grouping of Nicole by OPI polishes (only the Kardash. Kolors) in place of Borghese. I kind of thought maybe Borghese was going out of the mid price polish level. I can remember when it was only sold in dept stores. Love the duochrome in this one.

Pam R. said...

The color is beautiful, but I don't know if I could get past those horrid bottles! :)

auroragyps said...

This is a great color. Even my mom liked it, although she'd never wear it. I bet you boyfriend might like it on himself if you used a matte top coat on it.

reviews said...

ooohhh . .
i love this!

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