Friday, September 14, 2012

Silver Sparkle - Essie Set in Stones

I was in a silver/grey/cool-toned mood the other day, and wanted to add a little something to my Essie Cocktail Bling manicure. I don't own many glitters, but for some reason when they are in an Essie bottle, I buy them. (Sad. I am such a sucker.) I put Essie Set in Stones on top and this was the result!

I'm definitely not used to seeing glitter on my tips, but I do like the tone-on-tone action that's going on here. For some reason I'm also a fan of this kind of glitter topcoat - I think it's the fine glitter mixed in with the larger hexagonal glitter. I have a few other colours, which you will see soon!

Do you like to add sparkle with a glitter topcoat? Which is your favourite?


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Grace said...

I have a soft spot for these essies, as well. I have the flakie one and the gold one, and I just picked up Stroke of Brilliance (which I think is a new release). I think it might turn out to be my favorite. The bottle pics on Essie's site look blue, but in person it reads a lot more steel blue/pewter. I think it would look fab over a grey polish, but I'm actually itching to try it with a milky sheer.

Biz Morris Haselwandter said...

Essie merino cool is lovely with set in stones. It also looks nice with Chanel frenzy.

Shelby Swatches said...

Gorgeous! I really need to pick up cocktail bling :)

Julie Vernie said...

Love this "tone-on-stone" :-)

Erin Obriecht said...

I just blogged about Cocktail Bling today too! I love it. It looks great on you. I may have to try a coat of Set in Stones over it tonight.

ilexica said...

Ooh, I love this! *pops on Essie list*

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