Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sally Hansen: Big Money with some Hit Polish: Precious Metal

About the same time Piff received her goody bag of SH Nail Strips, I received some polishes from Sally Hansen. I actually already owned most of them, one of them being Big Money from the Gem Crush collection. It's my favorite of the collection because 1) didn't seem to have dupes out there and 2) who doesn't love a nudish glitter???

I loved it on my nails, it was subtle indoors but glittery in the light. It wasn't an out there color, but the purple glitter that was scattered within the polish added a little something that made it a bit more interesting. Two coats gave full coverage. It even caught my roommate's eye (I'm trying to convert her to glitter) and she loved it, too!

in sunlight


After a couple of days of Big Money by itself, I added a indie glitter on top, by Hit Polish named Precious Metal.

indirect sunlight (shade)


Precious Metal is a very densely packed glitter, filled with various sized hex glitters in gold, copper and silver, along with smaller orange glitters. It was super pretty! I loved the application, too. I think I only needed 1 full coat and some dabbing to get as much glitter as shown in the picture. I have a lot of her other polishes so hopefully I'll get around to those soon enough!

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A Girl and Her Polish said...

Very bling-y! :)

Melissa said...

I love this! Big Money is gorgeous by itself but it's that much better with more glitter.

Tintin said...

I love Big Money

Leslie said...

This could almost pass for a work appropriate glitter mani (very hard to come by!) I didn't even know this polish existed until now. Love it on its own.

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