Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Winmax Light Colour #4 and Fantasy Fire comparison

Today I have another polish from the Japanese 100¥ store Daiso: Winmax Light Colour #4. This one is specifically designed to be a topcoat, and it's a stunner: chunky pink-gold-green multichrome shimmer.

The multichrome it reminds me most of is the magical stuff in Max Factor Fantasy Fire, so I swatched 2 coats of each on alternating nails over a few coats of BYS Matte Royal Blue. Here it is from a few different angles:

L-R: Fantasy Fire, #4, Fantasy Fire, #4.

#4's shimmer is a lot more reflective and has larger particles than Fantasy Fire. The multichrome is more pronounced in Fantasy Fire though, especially at the more extreme angles where it hits a solid green, while #4 is still a more golden shade, even though it's a lovely green in the bottle.

#4 is definitely not a Fantasy Fire dupe, but if you can't get your mitts on Fantasy Fire, this is in the ballpark. And at $2.80, it's a steal!

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Little Miss Nailpolish said...

I like this!!
Really nice!!!

Lindsey R said...

Great comparison! I hadn't heard of the other polish before!

Nikki said...
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