Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A polish for all seasons - OPI Miami Beet

I am one of those people that follows seasons. I wear certain polishes in accordance with the weather. I know I should probably have more of a "wear whatever you want to!" attitude, but I can't help it - I WANT to wear seasonally appropriate colours! This polish is one of the few that I feel is appropriate year-round.

OPI Miami Beet...

The brightness of this polish does well in spring and summer, but the richness and berry tone makes it equally fall and winter appropriate. If you're looking for a succulent red-purple-berry polish, this is an oldie but a goodie!

Do you wear whatever year-round, or do you follow seasons like me?


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beachgal said...

I love this shade - bought it when it came's a happy, bright (but not into the summer bright - but I have worn it on my toes in summer) and a perkier berry than say OPI's Casino Royale is. I am with you in that I wear colors that suit the season most of the yr. However with global warming and like this yr we had non stop summer for most all of fall. I did not feel good about wearing dark vampy shades when I was still in shorts and sundresses all the time. I ditched my neons but I could not bear to were all the fall shades. I went with teals, reds (the ones that work yr round for me), and some nudes too.

I am encouraged to see so much color shown this year no matter the season. I will wear a hot fuchsia necklace or scarf but I will pair it with black, navy or gray. I won't however wear like I said my neon polishes now or in the middle of our winter.

Monica P said...

Berry color nail polishes are probably my favorite color polishes of all time :-)


Mimi Eatly said...

Love this polish! OPI do amazing seasonal shades xox

Katie said...

I wear whatever whenever. This whole "dark in winter, bright in summer thing" doesn't vibe with me. I've worm BRIGHT PINK in the middle of January and navy blue in the middle of July. Nail polish is picked by mood for me!

Pft to those who say nail polish should be worn by season.

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